Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7 Now Available

Blackmagic Design just released the latest Beta 7 update for their industry standard colour grading software DaVinci Resolve 14, which now features a re-organized system and user preferences, and support for displaying track automation data on the Fairlight page. Among the rest of the new additions are the ability to render multiple individual audio tracks, a better Fairlight timeline navigation and video playback performance, as well as other general performance and stability improvements.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio (which received a hefty price reduction down to $299 from a grand a few months back) includes all the features of the free version plus dozens of Resolve FX filters including advanced facial recognition and enhancement tools, multi user collaboration, 4K and higher output at frame rates up to 120fps, motion blur effects, temporal and spatial noise reduction, 3D tools and more.


Here’s What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7

  • Reorganized Project Settings, User Preferences and System Preferences

Added support for:

  • Speaker setup in System Preferences
  • Displaying track automation data on the Fairlight page
  • Rendering multiple individual audio tracks
  • Adding, deleting and modifying clip level keyframes on the Fairlight page
  • Track properties, AudioFX and automation in nested timeline and compound clips
  • Razor command in the Fairlight page
  • Cut, copy and paste actions in the context menu in the Fairlight page timeline
  • Displaying the composited preview in 2-Up and 4-Up modes when trimming
  • Decoding and encoding 32-bit float OpenEXR clips
  • Metadata inspector on the Fairlight page
  • Bus Assign and Bus Format dialogs in the Edit page
  • A new LMT Neon Suppression CLF
  • Viewing track layers in the Edit Index

Improvements include:

  • Multicam playback performance
  • Scrubbing and playback performance for compressed CinemaDNG clips
  • Fairlight timeline navigation and performance when zooming, scrolling and resizing tracks
  • Fairlight video playback performance
  • Audio quality when scrubbing a clip in the source viewer
  • Dual machine servers are no longer supported on Linux
  • Resizing behaviour for tracks and buses in the mixer
  • Improved viewer image quality when zooming in and out of the Colour page viewer
  • ResolveFX Color Stabilizer is now GPU accelerated
  • ResolveFX Timelapse De-flicker is now GPU accelerated
  • Playback performance for 4K AVC Intra clips
  • Timeline compare tool including a better zoom range and the ability to show Display Names
  • Data Burn-In has been moved to the Workspace menu

Bug Fixes:

  • For a crash when placing compound clip on the timeline using the Place On Top command
  • Large projects with compound clips would sometimes not playback sound
  • Audio meter bars would sometimes not clear when switching pages
  • Multi-cam playback where the embedded audio would be played instead of the linked audio
  • Syncing a multi-cam by sound would not work with custom channel mappings
  • Dip to Colour Dissolve transition would revert to using default parameters after an AAF import
  • Fairlight video player would sometimes show black frames
  • Moving a track up/down would leave the Fairlight timeline out of sync
  • Clips in the Fairlight page would sometimes show waveforms from the wrong channel
  • The automation of audio pan parameters would not work
  • Disabled audio plugins were still available for insertion in the Mixer plugin insertion menu
  • Trimming a clip in a layer would temporarily cause the clip to jump to the top most layer
  • Changing an audio track format would leave the track in an inconsistent state
  • Moving a clip to a track with a different format would not work correctly
  • Track Input dialog would not display the actual track name
  • Linear power window softness when a flip or a flop is applied on the clip
  • Advanced stabilizer data getting re-analyzed when parameters were changed
  • An offset would sometimes be created between a Power Window and the grade
  • Disabling a node when in Highlight Mode split screen
  • Creating a compound clip and switching to the Colour page
  • Dragging certain clips or folders into the Media Pool from the file browser would not work
  • Selecting multiple bins in the Media Pool would make the folder view scroll to the top
  • Incorrect timecode on some Panasonic QuickTime clips
  • Reading some Panasonic MTS clips
  • The first few frames of some MTS and H.264 clips would show as offline
  • Incorrect waveforms for some MTS clips on Mac
  • Thumbnails would not be shown for certain CinemaDNG clips on Windows
  • The clip extents were displayed incorrectly for some variable frame-rate clips
  • The audio playback of certain mp3 files
  • Some IMX MXF clips would not playback audio
  • The option to render one channel per track
  • The selected keyboard preset would sometimes get changed

Important information regarding dual-server configurations on Linux

Starting from DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7 the dual-server configurations are no longer supported. Please ensure that your system has been re-configured appropriately prior to upgrading to this version. The legacy “Configure DaVinci Resolve” application will no longer be supported. DaVinci Resolve Preferences can now be accessed from the DaVinci Resolve application menu similar to Mac and Windows.

Important information regarding Preferences and Project Settings

Starting from DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7 the Preferences and Project Settings have been re-organized into Project Settings, System Preferences and User Preferences. Settings such as keyboard shortcuts and panel sensitivity controls are now stored locally on the machine instead of with the project.

To download DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta 7 head over to Blackmagic Design.

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