A Quick Look at the LogicKeyboard Resolve 14 Beta Keyboard

Maybe you’re an avid user of DaVinci Resolve 14, but you are tired of memorizing the multitude of shortcuts to get tasks done. Don’t you just wish you could easily see your shortcuts at a glance?

Well, it seems that LogicKeyboard has got you covered with their relatively new Resolve 14 Beta Keyboard, a bespoke, back-lit standard-sized keyboard with access to custom shortcuts that are colorfully printed on the surface of the keys. Seasoned colorist and YouTuber Casey Faris recently reviewed this well-made keyboard through his clear and organized video below.

Unlike most, Casey describes the keyboard to be of high-quality and weighted enough so that the keyboard doesn’t move aimlessly. The keys also include an adjustable backlight, which is especially useful for the typically dark color-grading environments that film colorists are accustomed to. In terms of convenience, the keyboard also has two USB 2.0 ports located at the back, which may be useful for attaching other peripherals such as a mouse or flash drive.

Of course, the biggest standout feature of this keyboard is the fact that all the shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve are seen at a glance thanks to the large and lavishly colored keys etched onto the surface of the keys. Not only do the prints show what each key does, but it also displays what shortcuts are associated with that key when used in tandem with a modifier (such as shift or control).

Having the ability to see all the shortcuts in front of you allows for the discovery of shortcuts that you may not have even known were possible, which assists in the main purpose of this keyboard: to create a more efficient editing experience within DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta without having to dig through menus or manuals.

Now it is worth noting that this keyboard, in the end, is still just a keyboard. It’s not going to allow colorists to fine tune their image as if they were using a control surface with traditional dials and trackballs. Nonetheless, if you’re looking into speeding up your post-production workflow inside of DaVinci Resolve 14 Beta, then the Resolve 14 Beta Keyboard by Logickeyboard won’t let you down.

[source: Casey Faris]

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