LukiLink Replaces Your Monitor, Recorder, and Streaming Box by Connecting Directly to Your Smartphone

While you could apparently shoot without an external field monitor on certain occasions, having one on set is considered a godsend since the additional perspective allows you to adjust your shots with increased precision. Whether you’re fine-tuning your focus or fixing your framing, a field monitor quickly becomes your best friend.

Even though, more often than not, this essential piece of equipment has a pretty hefty price tag, especially considering some of the high-quality field monitors available out there such as the Atomos Shogun Inferno or the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K (not to mention wireless ones). While there are many brands like Aputure and Ikan that have already established a name in the realm of field monitors, newcomer Lukilink is setting out to redefine the field monitor market by giving you an external monitor by through a device you may already own – your smartphone.

To get the most out of the Lukilink, you’ll need to attach your camera to the compact, sleek and discrete unit’s HDMI port first, and tether it to your smartphone or tablet via a USB cable plugged into the Lukilink’s USB port afterward. Then all you have to do is fire up the Lukilink application on your device and you’ll be off to the races with a high-quality, high-resolution view of your camera’s shots at a fraction of what would cost you to buy a traditional, heavy and bulky field monitor with its included batteries, mounts, and the abundance of required accessories.

In addition to replacing your field monitor, the Lukilink also can act as an external recorder if you want to be able to directly record onto your phone. Instead of having to spend time ingesting footage from the camera into the phone, why not just simply record directly to your device? This is especially useful for those who like to edit on mobile apps such as iMovie or even the Adobe Premiere Pro mobile app.

If you think the ability to record directly on your phone isn’t enough, the Lukilink also allows you to use your camera for live streaming via your smart device. Just connect the camera to your phone via the Lukilink and enjoy the ability to live stream on the supported video platforms of your choice.

The features don’t stop there, though. In addition to viewing your shots on your smart device, the Lukilink includes wireless capabilities, so you can send live signals to other monitors you may have on set through your Apple TV, Chromecast, or any other streaming service available at your disposal.

There is a Kickstarter campaign for the Lukilink in the making which means that you may still have to wait before you can get your hands on the product itself. Hopefully, the Lukilink should be available by October. Whatever the case, it’s amazing to see how much technology has evolved, especially in the filmmaking industry.

Products like the Lukilink are not only making it easier for non-professionals to acquire such convenient filmmaking equipment, but the integration of smartphones and other smart devices show the direction camera manufacturers and other third-party companies should head towards in future product development IMHO.

[source: Lukilink]

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