Quick Overview of the Gen Energy Shock Proof V-Mount Batteries

These days, you could find V-Mount battery packs used on most, if not all professional film shoots. This may sound obvious, but as more complex your camera setup becomes, or if you require portability for equipment such as a light, there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a huge source of power that is also portable and compact enough. While there is a multitude amount of battery manufacturers out there, one company is recently setting out to stand apart from the crowd.

Earlier this year during NAB and the Cinegear Expo, Gen Energy unveiled their new line of V-Mount batteries. What makes these products unique from other camera battery manufacturers is that they offer a U.S. Military Certification mainly due to their innovative shockproof design. That said, let’s take a quick look at the Gen Energy Shock Proof V-Mount batteries in the insightful video produced by CheesyCam below.

Gen Energy claims that they are the first company to receive U.S. Military Certification for a V-Mount battery meaning that each unit has been extensively tested in advance and can sustain multiple drops repeatedly while still remaining intact and fully functional. In addition to the extraordinarily sturdy construction, the design is considered to be low-profile, allowing for interrupted access to your much-needed camera ports.

On top of that, Gen Energy is touting the unique design of its batteries not just for its durability, but for the technology it holds. The company has developed proprietary circuit boards, programmed custom software algorithms for increased efficiency, and uses a bespoke internal connection system that eliminates the need for wires, thereby lowering the temperature of the unit.

Regarding outputs, the Gen Energy V-Mount battery does include two D-Tap outputs and an included 5V USB port on the side. Meanwhile, there is a blue LED battery indicator on the side allowing you to evaluate how much of a charge you have left, with one of the five lights representing 20% of the available battery’s capacity.

For your convenience, Gen Energy offers a unique solution in regards to accidentally overloading the battery itself as well. As opposed to most traditional V-Mount batteries that disable themselves on such occasions and require putting them back on a charger, you can reset the Gen Energy brick battery by simply holding its power button for five seconds, thus saving you time on production.

Adding onto the battery’s convenience-centered features, the built-in software of the battery can also automatically turn it off if a charge isn’t detected for thirty minutes. This way, if you ever forget to switch off the unit, you won’t lose your entire charge and compromise your production. After 48 hours, the battery will enter a “deep sleep” mode to further retain battery life.

Ultimately, the Gen Energy V-Mount batteries come in three different capacities: 98W, 160W, 195W, and a whopping 290W, and of course, the pricing varies depending on the option you opt to purchase. So, if you’re looking for a V-Mount battery for your next production, Gen Energy’s latest line of V-Mount batteries with its shockproof design and efficient internals may be the exact product you’ve been looking for lately.

[source: MrCheesyCam]

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