Check Out This Stunning 4K Video Editing Ryzen Hackintosh Build

One of the toughest decisions professionals working in post-production eventually should make is whether or not they want to invest in a Mac or a PC workstation. While Macs are known for their consistent performance coupled with the refined software and hardware, Apple is notorious for putting a high price tag on their machines.

Meanwhile, PC’s offer a much better price to performance ratio although a rather clunky yet widely used operating system. So, is it too much to ask for the software experience of the Mac alongside the hardware capabilities and costs of a PC? Or, is there a way to have the best of both worlds? Well, for some users, a Hackintosh seems to be the way to go.

While these machines have been around for a while, it might be tricky to get them up and running in the first place. Nevertheless, there are many people who have built their own Hackintosh systems and shared their experience with the world along the way. An excellent example in that regard is the Ryzen Hackintosh system built by tech enthusiast Dom Esposito touted as the ultimate Hackintosh based on AMD’s new Ryzen processors.

Interestingly enough, Dom’s machine is built inside of the chassis of an old, black spray-painted Apple Power Mac G5, a nice nod to the fact that the computer is a Hackintosh after all. He’s decked out the internals with an indigo/blue hue of lighting thanks to his UV LED light strips that line the inside of the case.

With the AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU paired with the NVIDIA 1080Ti GPU, the computer seems to seamlessly handle both video editing and even gaming. Looking at Dom’s own tests, Final Cut Pro X does run fairly well on the machine, although it lags behind the 15-inch MacBook Pro in terms of export speed due to the Ryzen based CPU. On the other hand, his Hackintosh seems to outperform the MacBook Pro when it comes to editing in Premiere Pro, which clearly takes more advantage of the AMD processor speeds.

Specs-wise, here is the breakdown of this custom built Ryzen Hackintosh system:

Overall, you should keep in mind that putting together a machine like this might be a tedious and time-consuming task. Besides the integration of hardline water cooling pipes and assembling the rest of the hardware, the real issue might be the actual installation of MacOS on the machine itself. There are a lot of third-party applications you’ll have to use, and you need to ensure that the hardware you buy will even run the operating system.

Apparently, Apple doesn’t want their software on non-Apple devices, which is why there is a struggle involved with trying to put MacOS on a PC. Remember you’re also breaking the DMCA with Apple by doing so. Either way, if you’re thinking of building a Hackintosh, do so at your own discretion and make sure to seek advice from online forums and other websites such as and

[source: Dom Esposito]

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