Get These Awesome Free Title/ Intro Templates (with Glitches) for Premiere Pro CC 2017

The latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 included the introduction of the Essential Graphics panel. This addition to the program allowed video editors to easily add graphical elements that they would normally have to import to the project bin every time. While this feature saves times for video editors, it also acts as a window of opportunity for artists to use the new .mogrt platform to create templates for use by anyone, rather than having to distribute graphics through Adobe After Effects templates.

Recently, graphics design YouTube channel ArmaganVideos released seven title/intro graphics templates (with glitches) for use with Premiere’s Essential Graphics panel. The pack contains a variety of designs, perfect for projects that range from beauty and lifestyle to tech review videos.

The first template in the pack is this minimalist title that has a squared off single letter as the central icon of the graphic. In addition to the ability to customize the text, the template also includes options to enable/disable the glitch fade out effect, letterboxing (color customizable), title color, icon color, and square color. This graphic seems perfect for vlogs/lifestyle videos or for any projects that are looking for a simple yet visually appealing intro.

Next on the list of free templates is a slick sports graphics with sliding text and a shiny lens flare. With the template, you’re able to customize the text, graphics colors, lens flare colors, background colors, and the positioning of all the elements. As the name implies, this graphic is best suited for sports or even automotive-centered videos, as reminiscent by the template’s smooth and speedy transition in and out.


The third template is another simple text-based graphic perfect for lifestyle creators/vloggers. The animation of the text is intentionally jittery. Some customizable aspects of the graphic include the text, text color, and glitch transition (toggle on or off).

The fourth, fifth, and sixth templates are considered to be suitable for fashion/beauty videos. One of these features a graphic made to represent the glowing neon signs seen in the front of a store. Customisability options include text, colors, graphics positions, and a choice between three icon options: a rose, an ananas, and a palm tree.


Another graphic that is made with the fashionista in mind is the revolving text template – an appealing rotating text animation. Besides being able to change the text and color, there isn’t much going for the graphics except for the fact that it spins. Still, for those in need of a subtle graphic, this may be what you’re looking for.

Last up in the line of beauty-guru focused graphics is a straightforward text animation with elegantly cute borders above and below the text (there seems to be a running theme of simplicity with these graphics). As with the last graphic, customizability options include only the text and colors of the graphic elements.


The final template from the graphics pack is a tech template made for tech-review/technology-focused channels. This template seems to be the most involved one among the rest of the graphics as it contains a lot of elements to the design, including frame markers, off-set center markers, and a variety of aesthetically placed lines reminiscent of technology. All of the features can be toggled on or off, and customization again includes text and colors.

With all these great graphics templates included in one package, it would be no surprise to see these priced at a solid $49.99 or even more. Well, surprise! All of these are absolutely free to download with no limitations. If you want to take a look at the templates yourselves for your next project, you can get them through this link.

[source: ArmaganVideos]

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