Kinefinity Announces MAVO LF 6K Full Frame and 6K S35 Cameras + Cine Lenses!

Well, today got a lot more exciting all of a sudden! Chinese camera maker Kinefinity just announced two new 6K cameras (or rather one camera with 2 different sensors depending on how you look at it) during an online live-stream event! The new models are the Kinefinity MAVO LF, which is a 6K “large format” camera, and also a MAVO 6K S35 model; both are capable of 6K at up to 66fps and 4K/100fps which is more than impressive. The budget camera maker also announced a set of 5 large format/full-frame cine primes in PL mount, simply called MAVO Primes. More on those a bit later on in this post.

Some of you may be familiar with the TERRA 6K and TERRA 4K models, which we’ve covered before here on the blog (and also check out my Kinefinity Terra 4K video from BVE 2018 here), but the new MAVO 6K models boast advanced colour processing architecture and new 6K CMOS sensors to achieve low-noise, high-latitude dynamic images (14+ claimed by the manufacturer). while sharing the form-factor and overall design with the TERRA cameras as well as the electronics.

Kinefinity Mavo 6K full frame camera

The MAVO 6K LF uses a new full-frame (36 x 24mm) 6K CMOS sensor with a max resolution of 6K+ (6016 x 4016) and 14+ stops of DR with a base ISO 1600 (ISO 800 for the MAVO S35). The MAVO LF tops out at 6K/66fps using the full-frame sensor, while dropping to a S35 crop gets you 4K/100fps for some sweet slow-mo. Once you drop to 3K, you can get 120fps, and finally 192fps in 2K, however expect a drop in quality at these frame rates.

Both the LF and the S35 MAVO appear to be compatible with a wide range of the already existing Kinefinity add-on accessories that the TERRA cameras use. However, there is a new, wireless-enabled KineBACK W add-on module, which features a wireless slot that requires a dedicated wireless card, turning the MAVO into a wireless camera with a 600m/1000ft range.

Kinefinity Mavo LF 6K Full Frame S35 KRW 2.0

Apparently it will be compatible with a wireless control system by Movcam, which requires no additional power, no additional connection to HDMI or SDI cables, and no additional fixing, thus making your life on set simpler and less prone to problems. Both new models also use the same 2.5″ SSDs that the TERRA 4K and 6K cameras use.

Kinefinity Mavo LF 6K Full Frame Camera S35

The MAVO LF and MAVO 35 both get CinemaDNG Raw recoding directly in-camera, while the TERRA are currently only able to record in the propriety KRW compressed raw format. In CinemaDNG, users have the following selectable compression options – 3:1, 5:1, and 7:1, which is fantastic as CinemaDNG raw is a widely supported raw format in popular NLEs such as Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

MAVO also supports 12bit ProRes 4444 XQ, 444, and 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy as internal recording formats in addition to the familiar KineRaw or KRW 2.0, which has available compression ratios ranging from 2:1 to 10:1. TERRA camera users have the ability to transcode their KRW files into CinemaDNG thanks to the free software Kinefinity provides, but having native CinemaDNG recording makes this a lot more easier.

Kinefinity MAVO LF 6K and 6K S35 Summary

  • 6K FF and 6K S35 sensors
    • 6K at 66fps – full frame
    • 4K/100fps – Micro 4/3 crop (MAVO S35)
    • 4K/100fps – S35 crop (MAVO LF)
  • ProRes 4444XQ, 444, HQ, 422, LT, Proxy
  • CinemaDNG Raw and KRW 2.0
  • Pricing starts at $7,999 USD
  • Available: TBD
Mavo S35 Frame Rates

Mavo S35 Frame Rates

The MAVO is equipped with the KineMOUNT mount with contacts, allowing users to use a wide variety of lenses thanks to their 2nd gen adapters, including PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE/E, and EF/PL mount with electronic ND (e-ND).

All images by Kinefinity

And speaking of lenses, the MAVO Primes are a set of 5 PL mount cine primes with full-frame coverage including a 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and a 135mm all at T2.0. These have a 46.5mm image circle, covering the new Alexa LF (this sounds familiar), the new 8K Monstro RED sensor, and of course the Sony Venice 6K FF; the manufacturer “rates them “for 8K acquisition as well.

Each lens has a 95mm front and weighs around 1.2-1.3 kgs. The MAVO Prime set is priced at $12,000 USD, and at $2400 a piece this whole “large format” (which should really be called full-frame) because so much more attainable for indie filmmakers.

MAVO LF / S35 pricing starts at around $8K USD for the body, and goes up to $14K including all necessary accessories and wireless module.

The company has also announced plans for a trade-in programme (a al RED, haha why does this sound familiar…) See photo above for more details. This was taken from the live stream, and my Chinese is a bit rusty, so for more details on the MAVO head over to Kinefinity here.

Availability has not yet been confirmed, but Kinefinity say you should be able to see one at BIRTV 2018 (China) in August.

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