Here’s What the I.S. Lock (Video) Feature on the GH5 is Truly Capable Of

As simple as it may sound to bring a tripod and monopod on set, it’s very common for video shooters to find themselves without one, thus missing the chance to take proper lockdown-style shots. Fortunately, the in-body image stabilization on mirrorless cameras has real potential to change that once and for all as the recent advancements in the technology have already been yielding unambiguous results.

Take for example the GH5. With the latest Firmware Version 2.1 update for the camera, Panasonic has introduced a new software capability that improves the onboard image stabilization to a degree that makes some handheld shots seem as they were captured on a tripod or monopod. This magic feature is called I.S. Video Lock, and here are some of the improvements one can get by enabling it.

Now as the name implies, I.S. Lock not only harnesses the stability of the OIS hardware in the camera, but it also utilizes image details to further calculate the best method of stabilization. This harmonious blend of hardware and software produces images that are very-near perfect to being locked down, seriously challenging the performance provided by competing brands.

Now, if you’re a proud GH5 owner who’d like to give the new IS video lock feature a go, you should start with updating your camera’s software to the latest Ver.2.1 first. Next, access the camera settings and under the Stabilizer Menu, enable IS Lock (Video). If you believe you’re going to be toggling this feature often, you might want to consider assigning the feature to a shortcut button.

Once enabled, this functionality can produce some striking results, even when shooting handheld with a telephoto lens. Keep in mind, though, that since the I.S. Lock uses motion tracking, you’ll want to avoid sudden movements, pans, and tilts while shooting.

With the newly added feature, run-and-gun shooters and on-the-go filmmakers will have a much easier time capturing buttery smooth video on the fly. Regardless of how extraordinary this camera stabilization technology may seem, it will be interesting to find out how the competition will respond to Panasonic’s successful attempt to dominate the camera O.I.S. race.

[source: White In Revery]

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