Closer Look at the Tilta Gravity G2x Handheld Gimbal

Through the smart implementation of computer software and gimbal-based hardware technologies, gimbal stabilizers continue to dominate the market of camera stabilization systems with ease. Nevertheless, finding a unit that can support heavy camera loads while delivering the highest possible performance can still be a tricky task.

That being said, one gimbal that has caught the attention of the filmmaking community lately is without a doubt the Tilta’s Gravity G2x. Filmmaker Lee Savitz of Zed Pro Media recently had a chance to play around with the pistol-grip gimbal as he shares his firsthand experience while using the device in conjunction with his well-trusted Canon 5D MarkIV and Canon C200.

First and foremost, the Gravity G2x is a high-quality and sturdy built device from a company that is known for its top-notch production gear. The entire system is made of metal with some rad dark wood accents on the handle.

The gimbal itself weighs a reasonable 3.9 pounds and supports a generous max load of 8 pounds, higher than most mid-high-priced competitors do normally support. That payload, for instance, is enough to fly a camera such as the Canon C200, which is a compact camcorder, but still bulkier and heavier than most mirrorless cameras and DSLRs.

One reason as to why the Gravity G2x can support cameras better than most rivals is because of its 45 degree-angled roll motor that can be positioned either forward or backward. This allows filmmakers who are shooting with front or back heavy camera systems to configure their gimbal optimally. The angled design also provides unobstructed viewing of the camera’s monitor. The calibration is quite simple and straightforward as it takes less than a minute to complete using the smartphone app.

Other features of the Gravity G2x include a joystick for manual pan and tilt control, USB Output for USB-powered devices such as Tilta’s own follow-focus system, a Manfrotto-type base plate, power outputs for cameras and accessories, and Bluetooth for smartphone app connectivity. The gimbal also provides full 360-degree rotation on the pan and tilt axes as well as 60-degree rotation to the left and right on the roll axis.

In regard to the smartphone application, Savitz describes the app to be intuitive and detailed, allowing the user to unlock the full potential of the gimbal. The app contains features such as calibration (both manual and automatic), gimbal move adjustments, time-lapse, and manual control.

While many of the features can be controlled within the app, the gimbal body has a button which enables the operator to switch between different modes, including pan-follow, tilt block, full lock, and lock-on-roll mode.

All in all, the usability of the Gravity G2x seems to be its biggest selling point. The unit also offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of the accessories and configurations. In addition to weight support, the device is stated to last approximately 10 hours using four batteries – which are not included in the kit, although oddly enough, the unit does come with a charger.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks associated with the G2x that you should also keep in mind. For instance, the gimbal tends to get very heavy, especially if you’re going to be working with bulkier cameras that total the system weight at around 12 pounds. Plus, it could be quite uncomfortable to hold such a heavy combo with only one handle, meaning that you may have to shell out a few extra hundred dollars for a dual-arm support system.

With a price tag around $800, it’s safe to say that the Tilta’s Gravity G2x is not for everyone. However, if you’re a creative professional who needs a flexible and intuitive stabilization system from a reliable filmmaking gear manufacturer, the Gravity G2x is a product you may want to strongly consider for your next purchase.

[source: Zed Pro Media]

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