Best LED Film Lighting Under $100

LED technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few years which makes it even more and more appealing option for creative professionals and filmmakers who are looking for highly efficient, long-lasting, and extremely flexible lighting solutions.

Thanks to their reduced heat dissipation, low power draw and high level of illumination, LEDs are often sought after for a variety of filmmaking applications. Even though their price is dropping as we speak, there are many folks out there who still can’t afford some of the most expensive prograde LED panels available out there.

That’s why, if you’re someone who needs some affordable, yet powerful LED lights for your next project, you have just come to the right place. In the next video, Armando Ferreira goes over five of the best LED lights for video one can currently get – all for under $100. Whether or not you have a full-sized LED lighting kit, you may want to check out these options for portable lights on-the-go.

At the top of the suggested list by Ferreira is the Quasar Science LED Light Bar. Shaped like a standard fluorescent ceiling light bar, Quasar’s product is a bright 30W LED light perfect for shooting video, especially since it can also be used with a dimmer to help dial in a specific brightness of your choosing. The light bar is available in both tungsten (3200K) and daylight colors (5600K) to suit your filmmaking style.

Another noteworthy feature of the light bar is its impressive CRI rating. Because the Quasar Light Bar has a color rendering index of 95+, expect accurate illumination of your subject without any gross-looking magenta/green hues associated with most entry-level LED panels on the market.

Another product on the list is the Yongnuo YN360 Handheld LED Wireless Video Light. The unit can be powered using either a Sony battery or DC Power In. Yongnuo’s offering emits light with a 5500K color temperature, although a 3200K filter is included if you need a tungsten appearance from the light source. Just as with the previous light mentioned, the YN360 also has a CRI rating of 95+.

Additionally, the panel comes with full RGB color mode, allowing you to change the light color to blue, red, green, or whatever hue you desire – perfect for music videos or filmmaking applications that require stylistic lighting.

If you need an extremely compact, yet very powerful light, look no further than the Aputure AL-M9 Amaran LED Mini Light. Despite its pocket-size dimensions, the light has a strong illumination, powered by its rechargeable internal battery.

With a CRI of 95+, expect color accurate lighting in your footage. As an added bonus, the light comes with a magnetic diffuser, in addition to a blue and orange filter to use when you need to adjust the light’s color temperature.

Another affordable and compact LED light option is the Viltrox LED Video Light Super Slim. Similar to the previous entries on this list, the Viltrox LED light comes with a CRI of 95+, can be powered using Sony batteries, and has the ability to change the color temperature and brightness to help you light your scene the way you want to.

Last on the list is not necessarily a primary source of light, but rather a complementary option: the USB Battery Operated 5V LED Fairy String Lights. This light is extremely cheap and can be powered using a battery bank.

The fairy string lights are perfect for b-roll, or to add in the background for some extra bokeh in the shots. While this is by no means a key or fill light, it’s a nice decorative light source that you may wish to use to add some detail to your mise-en-scène.

All in all, each of these LED lights could be an excellent add-on to your lighting kit, not to mention the fact that they are extremely cheap and versatile. So, whether you want to use them as a main source of light or just want to spice up your shots, these LEDs won’t let you down.

[source: Armando Ferreira]

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