Best New Features in DaVinci Resolve 15.2

Over the years, DaVinci Resolve has progressively evolved from being an advanced color grading platform to a full-featured piece of post-production software packed with a multitude of video editing, audio editing, and compositing tools and assets. With the new 15.2 update, Blackmagic aims to bring some new features that improve the usability and performance of the highly esteemed post-production suite.

To cover some of the highlights from the Resolve 15.2 update, Theo of MiesnerMedia reveals a bunch of newly-added features that expand the software’s functionality and contribute further to the ease-of-use of DaVinci Resolve 15.2.

For starters, Resolve 15.2 supports the ability to Flatten Unused Clips – a feature still unavailable in well-established editors like Premiere Pro CC. What this option basically allows you to do is automatically reduce the number of tracks by flattening the clips in the timeline. This can be done by going into Timeline > Clean Up Video Tracks > Flatten Unused Clips.

In regards to the timeline, the latest version of Resolve also allows you to toggle the playhead snapping. This is especially useful when you want to jump forward or backward just a few frames without having to deal with a magnet-like playhead.

Another efficiency-oriented update was the inclusion of Live Save and Project Backups, both of which are found in the Preferences pane of Resolve. The concept of Live Save is essentially the same as Premiere Pro’s autosave functionality, wherein the software will automatically save copies of the project you’re working on.

This feature is absolutely essential in the event of an unexpected crash wherein you haven’t yet saved your project.

While the latest version of Resolve comes with a few new plugins and effects, one in particular that stands out is the Beauty effect, found under ResolveFX Refine. The plug-in basically helps smoothen out your subject’s skin, giving their face a more appealing visual feel.

Moving over to Fairlight, Blackmagic has finally included a Multiband Compressor as part of their collection of audio plugins. This particular effect is a fundamental component to sound mixing as it helps balance the tone and dynamics of your audio in a unique and more professional manner.

One more notable feature added with the Version 15.2 update is the inclusion of VCA Fader Groups, which allow you to group multiple tracks and have them be controlled simultaneously. The use of track grouping is normally found in professional audio applications and is especially useful for projects with a plentiful number of tracks.

As mentioned before, the features listed above are just some of the many improvements made to Resolve with the 15.2 update.

That being said, it’s pleasant to see that Blackmagic are continuing their endeavor to improve the platform incrementally by taking the proper steps with every new iteration, thus maintaining DaVinci Resolve’s reputation as an established post-production powerhouse.

[source: MiesnerMedia]

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