DJI Osmo Pocket Slick Camera Movements Worth Considering

As technology advances, devices get smaller and what was thought of as impossible just a few years ago becomes routine. Smartphones and drones would seem like something out of a sci-fi novel just a bunch of years ago. This kind of evolution spreads through the camera industry too.

We used to have huge HMI lights with big ballasts, now we use LEDs. We used to have cameras you could not dream to operate alone, now we have stabilized cameras that actually fit in your pocket. Yes, small pockets too. We’re obviously talking about the Osmo Pocket here. Let’s take a look together with the iPhoneographers.

So one of the latest additions to the DJI line is the incredibly small Osmo Pocket. This tiny device made quite a fuss in the world of YouTubers and filmmakers. It is, in fact, a miniaturized version of the well known Osmo, but with some small interesting features. First of all, it doesn’t require a smartphone to be used.

Since the latest firmware upgrade you can use the small screen to monitor the picture and you have control over the main features, like shutter speed and iso sensitivity and a new picture profile has come, the Cinelike-D, allowing for a better grading of the image in post.

Having such a small gimbal allows for some interesting possibilities beyond the occasional b-roll. Coupling the Osmo pocket with a monopod and a ball head can create a make do jib capable of some very interesting shots thanks to the small footprint that allows going through small spaces or holes.

The monopod gives also a better grip that makes for some Steadicam-like movements or less ordinary frames, like a low mode steady following some footsteps.

Another useful combination is with a small table top dolly, turning the Osmo in a great tool to get some awesome shots. The level of stabilization achievable coupling the one that comes from the gimbal with a little bit of warp stabilizer in post is amazing, and it will give an excellent production value to your videos.

Although not perfect this setups prove that not always you need a high budget to get that cinematic shot, and sometimes simpler instruments are just enough. A little warning though, watch out for the micro-sd card slot, it seems a little bit rough to get the cards in and out, and if you do not pay attention you could end up damaging the card or the slot itself.

[Source: iPhoneographers]

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