10 Reasons to Choose Canon C200 for Your Next Project

I really like the Canon C200. I like the form factor, the EF lens mount, the picture quality and ease of use. I have used the C200 on a few TV projects and it has done a lovely job for me.

Danny Gevirtz also decided to pick one up and this video goes through his experience and the 10 reasons he loves the Canon C200. This review is all about the positives and none of the negatives, so not comprehensive but definitely worth a watch.

1. Affordability

This is going to be different for everyone and actually, I wouldn’t put this first. For everything you get with the C200, it is competitive in the market but the FS5 and even the FS7 from Sony are probably cheaper and with similar attributes. Cheap or expensive is really subjective and it can be a little disheartening for new filmmakers to hear that a camera costing over $7,000 is affordable.

The price is what it is, you decide how affordable that is.

2. Reliability

I totally agree with this one. Canon have been doing this for a while and in particular with the ‘Cinema’ line of cameras. Taking what was great about the Canon DSLR image, made wildly popular by the 5D Mark II, and putting it in a more usable form factor has been incredibly popular. Add a few years of experience and we have a very solid camera system.

3. Auto-focus

I don’t tend to use a lot of auto-focus but the quality of the auto-focus in the C200 gave me pause. There are times it can be a real life saver as I found out recently when the camera was mounted on a long jib with no remote follow-focus. If it works then it can be really valuable.

4. Versatility

This camera really is a jack of all trades and with a great selection of codecs and bitrates, you can shoot some very high-quality images indeed. You can then step down to a lower quality, giving you more capacity on your cards and a less taxing workflow in the edit, if the project doesn’t demand the highest quality. It doesn’t do everything but it does hit the sweet spots.

5. Built-in ND filters

Agreed! Every video camera should have built-in ND filters, it just makes sense. I really hope that the mirrorless and DSLR style cameras follow suit somehow, without the need for the adapters we see on the EOS R.

6. Canon’s colour science

In a world of raw recording and LOG profiles, perhaps colour science is less important but for me, the Canon image is still very appealing. Apparently, it is nothing to do with the distribution of the Beyer pattern on the sensor but whatever the technology and computing that are actually going on, Canon images look nice, out-the-box. Use C-Log, add a LUT and you’ll be off and running in no time.

7. EF lenses

There are hundreds from which to choose and a good range of prices. Canon, Sigma, Tamron and many others not to mention the adapters that are available. Lens choice for the C200 is fantastic.

8. Light enough for gimbals

OK, I don’t know about this one. Maybe I am just weak, quite likely actually, but I find flying a camera the size of a C200 on a gimbal exhausting for anything more than a brief shot. I use mirrorless cameras on gimbals now and the results are fantastic but hey, if you can handle this, go for it! If you are planning on trying this then think about the viewfinder position and how it will fit your gimbal of choice.

9. Matching footage

So this advantage is clearly particular to Danny but the principle applies to everyone with a Canon camera and since they are ubiquitous, it’s worth considering. Matching different cameras can be a real pain in the neck and it can be a real time saver to have similar cameras on a project.

10. It was right for Danny

Trying before you buy is a great idea. Hiring a camera or using a friend’s will give you a super valuable insight that goes well beyond the spec sheet and really tell you if the camera is right for you. Sometimes the form factor, weight, buttons, screen, etc. just feel right. Loving holding your camera can be so important.

The C200 isn’t a perfect camera but really there is no such thing. Is it right for you? Get your hands on one and give it a try.

[source: Danny Gevirtz]

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