5 Fast and Easy Creative Effects in Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro lives in the Adobe Creative Cloud so of course, it is full of great creative features to help you realise your video making potential. It is always fun to look beyond the basic tools and find new and interesting ways to work, so let’s have a look at a few.

Jordy Vandeput at Cinecom is so enthusiastic! It’s really nice to see, so enjoy watching this short video on five, or six, fast and easy creative effects he loves in Premiere Pro CC.


Hitting the Invert option produces a dramatic change in your image and personally, I would never think to use it, but I am boring so don’t worry about what I think of it and have a try.

By tweaking the settings for the chroma values you can adapt the invert look to something more subtle. Using masking to combine the inverted image with areas of normal colour can also produce interesting effects.

Definitely one to try but to be used sparingly.

Paint Bucket

This option gives me some queasy, retro flashbacks but again, with some work it can actually be useful. Working with the feather, tolerance and colour controls gives you some interesting effects that might work well in a music video or as scribbles.


It starts unpleasant but can produce a cool RGB glitch type effect. Click on Emboss and then layer the image using a colour blending layer. This creates an interesting black & white with colour accents style.

Adding some animation to the emboss effect can accentuate the glitchy RGB feeling even further. It’s also possible to use the emboss effect to produce a faux-depth in the image. It’s a subtle effect but again, worth a try.

Find Edges

Similar to the implementation of the above Emboss effect, this again needs to be used in conjunction with the correct blending mode. It produces an edge in the image that is almost cartoon-like.


The strobe effect is best known as white flashes like those from a camera flash or strobe light. In this context, it is really a controller with various parameters that again, with some tweaking and experimentation can produce some fun results.

Colour flashes can be cool, glitch effects even cooler.

4 Colour Gradient

This is a great little trick for creating custom light leaks (not really lens flare as suggested in the video). Unless you fancy some lens whacking this can be a cheap and easy way to create some simple leaks, that while they don’t have any texture or a lot of fancy movement, can certainly look cool.

Some old-timey, basic effects, used creatively to make something new, thanks Jordy!

[source: Cinecom.net]

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