How To Make Any XLR Microphone Wireless

Wires are a pain. One of my big hopes for the future is to film without any wires whatsoever and honestly, we are pretty close. The new Rode Wireless Go kit might be perhaps the very first truly wireless system with a built-in microphone in the tiny transmitter pack. It’s not perfect but it does seem to push the technology further.

I constantly hope for wireless receivers to be to built into camera bodies and surely the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Canon would see a good advantage and sales opportunity in this. Sell some matching wireless transmitters and connect directly to the camera, why not?

Until then, I keep exploring other options and so do others. Momentum Productions have some advice for turning any microphone into a wireless microphone, so let’s see what they have to say.

The concept of this kit is not really new but the execution and price are appealing. It is called the Xvive U3.

The build quality of the units seems to be solid and fairly chunky. The system runs on the 2.4GHz frequency, much like the above mentioned Rode Go kits, and has a maximum rage on about 90ft, which is fairly typical. There are 6 channels from which to select your cleanest signal.

The units have a built-in battery and that can be charged via the included USB cable, both at once even.

Any microphone with XLR connections can be used in conjunction with this system, connecting to a camera or recorder that also features XLR inputs.

During the test in this video, the wireless system does seem to result in a noticeably lower level when compared to the XLR connection between the microphone and recorder. This is easily solved with some gain increase on the recorder but does potentially mean more noise in the signal.

The brief test also revealed some additional noise in the system that might mean this set-up only works in specific situations.

I myself use this kind of wireless set-up for things like events where dragging wires about can be difficult or if I have a boom operator who needs some freedom away from the camera. Overall, this seems like a handy tool to have in the kit bag.

[source: Momentum Productions]

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