Sony A7III vs Sony A6400 – Should You Pay Twice as Much?

Sometimes I wonder, just how friendly are each department within a camera company? I wonder this because sometimes different product lines seem to step on each other’s toes and surely affect each other’s sales figures. Some cameras compete so directly with their sister products that the rationale is hard to determine.

Such is the case with the Sony A7III and the A6400. They do have very similar specs, but very different prices. Does Sony think we won’t notice? Is the A6400 really a better camera and at half the price of the A7III? The Everyday Dad thinks so in this video and it is certainly worth a watch to find out why.

To start with – both of these cameras are excellent, so you won’t go wrong with either. Everyday Dad thinks you get about 95% of the functionality of the A7III in the A6400 but I reckon about 82% of statistics are made up on the spot, so let’s get into it.

What are your needs? This should always be considered before buying a new piece of gear, no matter who you are. This video sets the bar rather low, essentially, YouTube vlogging, but the theory is sound. Choose gear that suits what you want to do with it.

Internal 4K at up to 30fps is available in both the A7III and A6400 but the 30-minute recording limit has been eliminated in the A6400. The 30-minute limit is an arcane tax hangover that delineated stills and video cameras into different brackets.

It is pretty straightforward for manufacturers to enable longer recordings but they pay more tax on the camera and that hurts their margins. Heat and data capacity are also issues, but I think these problems are in-hand with the gear of 2019.

Also present on both cameras: phase-detect auto-focus systems; good internal pre-amps for recording sound directly; and the new and improved Sony color-science.

The A7III has a full frame sensor and the A6400 is smaller APS-C size. This will affect your lens choices and their relative f-stops. There are loads of great Sony lenses from which to choose now, or try an adapter or maybe even better a Speedbooster! Exciting times.

The A7III has some other advantages like dual card slots, a better battery, a bigger body and IBIS. The camera is more customizable and just a reminder – the full frame sensor, don’t forget the full frame sensor.

If you are a vlogger then the A6400 has some advantages like face-tracking auto-focus on the flip-up screen, so perhaps this camera will suit you better than it’s more expensive sibling.

All this being said and with Everyday Dad’s ringing endorsement aside – choose the camera that fits what you do and what fits your budget.

[source: The Everyday Dad]

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