How to Set Up Sony A7III for DJI RONIN-S Focus Pulling

There is a new update for the Sony cameras that we all love to fly on our gimbals, in this case, the popular DJI Ronin-S. This has been long hoped for and while it may not be perfect it should get things moving in the right direction, no pun intended.

Keeping in focus when using a gimbal is pretty much vital to help sell that professional camera look that you are going for. Face tracking can be really useful but your not always following someones face in every shot.

Let’s catch up with Phillip Skraba for a tutorial on setting up the DJI Ronin-S with the new firmware installed, for use with the Sony Mirrorless cameras.

Let’s run through this together. Firstly, we need to make sure the firmware is up to date, hopefully, you have done this before with your Ronin so nothing new here, but if it is your first time then follow the instructions for updating through the app and take your time. It’s easy.

The Sony A7III or A7RIII are both fantastic camera, on or off a gimbal, lightweight and powerful with lovely big sensors. Both are ideal for flying on a gimbal and you will be sure to get some great results.

Don’t switch the gimbal on just yet but switch on the Sony. Select the correct focus mode, in this case, manual mode. 

Next select ‘Control with smartphone’ and make sure it is set to the ‘Off’ position. Your USB connection setting should be set to ‘PC remote’.

Turn the camera off and plug in the connection cable to the gimbal – note that using the cable connection will disable the IBIS of the camera, but the lens stabilization will remain as normal – luckily we are attached to a gimbal.

Power on the Ronin-S and the control module and then finally the camera which will then attempt to connect via USB to the Ronin-S.

All being well you should now be in control.

While the technology may work the results don’t seem to be that great. The focus seems noticeably jittery and the small wheel looks rather inaccurate. I’ll be keen to try this for myself but perhaps it still needs some work from DJI.

[source: Phillip Skraba]

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