Cooke Optics Brings their Iconic Look to Four New Full Frame Primes

Cooke Optics is going wide and bringing its signature cinematic look to a quartette of new full-frame primes to their state-of-the-art S8/i series lenses.

The new lenses range in focal length from 18mm to 27mm, 35mm, and 65mm, and support Cooke’s digital i-series metadata for the transmission of critical camera information.

“We are excited to launch additional S8/i lenses into what’s already a market-leading range for full-frame production,” stated Tim Pugh, CEO of Cooke Optics.

Image Credit – Cooke Optics

“These lenses were intelligently built from the ground up for use in motion pictures, and their all-spherical makeup provides not only a beautiful aesthetic but makes them the perfect companion for digital cameras.”

The lenses were designed by Cooke’s crack design team, led by Academy Award-winning optics designer Iain Neill, and exhibit the classic contrasty, yet with the sharp focusing image that has been dubbed the “Cooke look.”

With the conviction that the human eye perceives resolution based on contrast, a design that yields improved contrast results in the viewer resulting in a sharper image on the screen.

With an all-spherical lens element design with a nine-leaf iris, the lenses have a maximum aperture speed of T1.4 across the entire core focal length, making them highly performant, even in low-light situations.

This high-speed capability provides control over not only the depth of field in the image, with effective background separation and bokeh and minimal color fringing, which also combats lens flare.

The lenses are capable of a minimal focus of between 22 inches and four feet and enjoy a focus rotation of 270°.  There is also an aperture range of T1.4-T22, a consistent front diameter of 104 mm, and an average weight of between 4.6 and 7 pounds.

Cooke also provides data for calibrated shading and lens distortion in order to enable editors to compensate and correct those aberrations in post.

Cooke combines the optical design with its industry-leading intelligent i/technology which includes data, focusing, and iris position, along with motion and inertial data and depth maps for use in post-production workflows.

Compact and highly robust, all four lenses are designed to be durable, yet highly ergonomic when used on full-frame digital camera platforms.

Image Credit: Cooke Optics

The lenses join Cooke’s S8/i lineup which includes 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 135mm primes, and are engineered for cinematographers looking to create a big-budget look with a high-quality aesthetic.

Cooke is also planning on releasing additional focal lengths later this year to round out the collection to a planned 16 lenses for the series.

Pricing and availability

There’s no word on pricing or availability just yet, but other lenses in the collection have an MSRP of $34,650, with the 135mm T1.4 retailing for $36,100.

It’s logical to assume that the retail price will hold per lens along the rest of the focal range. This lens is delivered in an ARRI PL mount, which can be adapted to an ARRI LPL mount through an optional adapter.

[source: Cooke Optics]

Order Links:

  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 25mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount (B&H)
  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 32mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount (B&H)
  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 40mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount (B&H)
  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 50mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount (B&H)
  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 75mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount (B&H)
  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 100mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount (B&H)
  • Cooke S8/i Full Frame Plus 135mm T1.4 Prime Lens, PL Mount, (B&H)

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