Adobe’s Premiere Pro Winter Update is All About Collaboration

Adobe has released its Winter Creative Cloud update and chief among the new and expanded features are a host of collaborative tools for Premiere Pro.

In version 32.1, Premiere Pro comes with features that include Collaborative Editing, Sequence locking, and easy sharing of work through team publishing.

There’s also a new Captions to Graphics upgrade improved masking, and expanded Raw support through ARRIRaw and RED V-Raptor XL support.

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Collaboration is the word

With camera-to-cloud functionality available through Adobe’s network, the ability for teams to collaborate from all around the world has become commonplace.

To that end, Adobe has added collaborative editing with workflow tools that include adding and managing team member access directly from the header bar within the app itself.

Image Credit – Adobe

Users can see exactly who is actively working on the timeline, and who has permissions. There is also a sequence and track locking feature to prevent someone from grabbing ahold of the project you’re working on or duplicating it.

Users can also share changes through a publishing button.

Image Credit – Adobe

Graphics are the new Captions

Adobe has also added a tool that will enable users to take text from captions and convert them into eye-catching graphics.

Through the caption to graphics tool, users can animate words on the screen with keyframes, add timed traditions and even re-edit the original text without changing the overall graphic look.

Users can also adjust for horizontal or vertical aspect ratios, to keep videos relevant to the social media portal it’s shared to.

Image Credit – Adobe

Improved Masking

Adobe has also expanded the ability to mask objects and add multiple points along the path for more accurate masks. Users can also zoom in up to 1600% in order to make the mask even tighter to the subject.

The mask also doesn’t enable scale and rotation options for greater control. Other features include targeting specific tracks for adding a mask or content, copying and pasting from one track to another, and ripple editing while adding new content to the track’s timeline.

Image Credit – Adobe

Raw and RED Support

Lastly, Premiere Pro has added support for ARRIRaw and the RED Raptor XL with GPU-deBayering for smoother playback of Raw video files. There’s also XAVC Rec 2100 PQ HDR support for both Intra and long GOP encoding.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Update is available starting today from within your Creative Cloud Desktop App and should update once active.  For more details, users can head over to the Adobe Winter Update Feature Summary page.

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