BlackMagic Design “Leaks” Firmware Update 1.8 – Production Camera Gets 4K Raw

It has been nearly three months since the last firmware update, and many BlackMagic camera users are eager to get their hands on the next firmware update in which hopefully BMD will address the much needed and asked for camera tweaks.

Blackmagic Design appeared to have posted the latest firmware update Camera Utility 1.8 earlier today on their official forum. However, just a few minutes later, the link was disabled.

Chances are the firmware documentation and/or testing has not been completed, or simply someone at BMD made a mistake by posting it too early. Whatever the case, the leaked firmware update is a solid sign that the official release of Camera Utility 1.8 is imminent and will be released probably in the next few days.

Some fortunate and astute shooters were able to download and install the firmware update and confirmed 4K Raw recording and a new GUI design on the 4K BMPC. See snapshot below courtesy of forum member ponysmasher:

4K BMPC Camera BMD 1.8 BMPC

The same BMCuser – David F. Sandberg (ponysmasher) shared the BMD Camera Utility 1.8 update via Dropbox before it was taken down by BMD.

Grab it HERE if you want to install it. Read about the new changes in the new firmware below.

Twitter user Alex Gollner ( also shared a Cached version of the deleted Firmware Update 1.8 post from the official BlackMagic forum earlier today.

For most shooters, the addition of compressed Raw recording for the original BMCC 2.5K and the addition of (finally) lossless compressed RAW DNG recording support to the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K.

BMPC 4K EF lens

Here’s what’s new in the latest leaked Blackmagic Camera Utility 1.8 firmware update:

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

• Updated user interface
• Losslessly compressed RAW DNG recording support
• Addresses an issue where pixel artefacts are seen in edges with strong highlights while shooting in 1080 mode
• Adds autofocus support for compatible EF lenses

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 

• Updated user interface
• Adds autofocus support for compatible EF lenses
• Improved debayering when shooting to ProRes or DNxHD
• Improved focus peaking display
• Improved ISO handling when shooting at ISO 1600
• Improved general audio performance
• Iris setting is retained when switching between camera recording and clip playback

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 

• Updated user interface
• Improved performance when recording using internal microphones
• Improved instances where a grid-like pattern may occur in some flare highlights
• General improvements in autofocus with active MFT lenses
• Adds supports for stabilization in MFT lenses without physical O.I.S switches
• Improved support for Sigma MFT lenses
• Improved support for Lumix 12-42mm PZ lens
• Improved support for Olympus 60mm f/2.8 MFT lens
• Iris setting is retained when switching between camera recording and clip playback

Blackmagic Studio Camera

• Improved phantom power compatibility
• Addresses an issue with interlace video being output as progressive video

The addition of lossless 4K Raw support for the 4K Production Camera, addressing artefacts issues in the same camera, improving the de-bayering when shooting ProRes and DNxHD seems like a substantial update, given some of the previous versions.

Pocket camera shooters should also benefit from improved microphone performance (we know the built in stere mic was terrible upon release), as well as added support for various MFT lenses and stabilisation.

BMPCC mft-lens-mount


The omission of audio meters, which seem to be still missing from the firmware (again), will make some BMCC/BMPCC/BMPC shooters out there cringe yet again. We are yet to see if BlackMagic will implement the much needed audio metering in future updates, as it is clear it won’t be in this one.

[via Cinescopophilia]

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