3 Dope New Features in Premiere Pro CC 2019

Adobe has brought to the table a continuous rollout of new versions of all applications in the CC suite, and Premiere Pro is one that makes out the most of each overhaul. Each year has seen more and more features entering the software and more and more panel and windows added up on its interface.

We got Essential Graphics, Essential Audio, the Lumetri Panel, you name it, and through the Dynamic Link Server having to do roundabouts from one software to another became easier. This year’s edition is not a major game changer, but there are a few things worth highlighting. Nathaniel Dodson at TutVid has recapped for us, here’s the video:

Feature #1 Guides and Rulers

This is a feature we did not even think about probably, but it’s a godsend. Having the same interface guides from Photoshop or Illustrator will be so useful to all those that are having one-man band post-production. Those that are used to having to make their own graphics and such.

The function is exactly the same, on the border of your monitor window you get your rulers, and if you pull down you get the guides that you can put in place to keep consistent the position of graphics, picture in picture, titles, lower thirds or whatever. You can enable snapping so that the elements can go in place right away.

If you’d like to have the same shortcut as in other programs you can set the Ctrl+R (Cmd on Mac) for that and move the Speed control to Alt+R (Option on Mac). Great feature, very good Adobe!

Feature #2 Preview Tracking

As said before, these are not huge game changers, but these subtle improvements can make our life so much easier. Let’s talk about mask tracking. The basics stay the same, you drop your effect, draw a mask and then head to the play button to track the mask, but here’s the new thing – if you click for the options on the wrench inside the mask there is a new one that is Preview.

By default, it’s enabled, but if you turn it off, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the thing goes. A tracking displaying the preview that took almost two minutes is done in 18 seconds! That is huge! And consider how much time you’re going to save on a bigger clip to track! Great feature, again.

Feature #3 Freeform View Mode

We are used to having our bins organized, and we navigate through it in the usual way, list view or icon view, right? Now we’ve got a third view, and that’s what Adobe calls the Freeform view mode. But what is it exactly? Well, Freeform actually defines quite well what we’re talking about here.

The bin window becomes a canvas that you can use to arrange items as you prefer, you’re not bonded to have to keep the icons in a grid. It may not seem like a huge change, but if you think of it, it opens up for a lot of creative possibilities. It can be used to have a visual map of your content, you can create visual groups of clips and sequences, you can create a sort of a storyboard. Anything is possible. It’s one of those small, almost dumb changes at the first look, but we’re quite sure it will be a big tool in the future.

So, what do you think? What is your favorite feature on this April 2019 update?

[source: Tutvid]

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