Closer Look at the New Hyperlapse Feature on the DJI Osmo Pocket

It’s hard to track down exactly when the fad of hyperlapse took over. It surely became popular after the DSLR revolution, since having a still camera to shoot video brought many creative professionals to add the two features together and experiment with time-lapse. Add motion in the blend and you have an hyperlapse.

The second renaissance of hyperlapse came after the release of the famous video “Watchtower of Turkey” that used plenty of those and inspired a lot of filmmakers to try it out. Hyperlapse is not difficult per se, all you need is a still camera and some kind of intervalometer (if the camera does not have one built-in). The trick, of course, is to keep the movement smooth and steady if you really want to take your workflow to the next level.

This is where gimbals and stabilizers become an essential factor. Mauro at MAURO’S FILMS has tried the recently added hyperlapse function on one of the smallest gimbals available on the market, the DJI Osmo Pocket.

So first thing first. To enable the feature on the Osmo Pocket, turn on the device and enter the menu. Under Timelapse, you’ll find a setting called Hyperlapse.

You can use it in two ways, either the full auto mode or the PRO mode, that allows you to control the settings, namely shutter speed, white balance, and ISO, but most of all the speed of the hyperlapse. The options available are from 2x up to 30x.

You may ask yourself, why not simply shoot a movie and then speed it up? Well, the results are quite similar. What is indeed different is the time and effort behind it.

If it’s true that you only need to ingest the footage and speed it up to the desired multiplier, the file size will be quite different, and after all not having the hassle and get a clip straight out of the gimbal and into your social network is much much easier.

If you intend to have someone walking facing the camera or you’d like to take a selfie hyperlapse, the Pocket has a nice and efficient face tracking.

Obviously, everyone will have their taste and needs in shooting, but it’s probably better to shoot at least 15x the speed if you want a nice hyperlapse effect. Speeds below that do not convey a nice emotion and it seems almost a mistake.

So we’d suggest watching the video to compare visually the clips and see the difference, but what we can take from this first analysis is that the hyperlapse functionality on the DJI Osmo Pocket is a nice feature when you need to get a shot easy and quick.

If you want a better result, though, something that could seem a little bit more polished and “pro”, a sped-up shot with a little bit of warp stabilizer would be a better solution.

Well then, it’s your turn. Try it out and make up your mind!

[source: MAURO’S FILMS]

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