Brand New ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera in Development

10 years ago, ARRI released the first ARRI ALEXA which has instantly become an industry standard in digital cinematography turning into the go-to camera system for multi-million productions, smaller independent projects, and everything in between.

Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the flagship digital camera, ARRI announced that they are working on a brand new Super 35 4K ALEXA model that is expected to deliver image quality that is as good or better than the current ARRI ALEXA cameras.

According to Marc Shipman-Muller, product manager at ARRI, the brand new digital camera will feature a Super 35 4K 4:3 sensor while having a similar body to the Mini LF. The newcomer will be capable of using the same MVF-2 viewfinder and CODEX media as the Mini LF.

ALEXA Mini LF large format

Images by ARRI

There’s still no word on when the new offering is expected to hit the shelves, besides the fact that it was expected to arrive in 2020 but the official release has been postponed due to additional software tweaks and implementations.

One thing is for sure, though. Considering the conservative company’s approach and unique pacing regarding the release of new cameras, there’s no doubt this new camera will be another masterpiece in ARRI’s lineup.

If you want to learn all details and facts regarding the actual design and build of the classic ARRI ALEXA, make sure to watch the entire video above.

[source: ARRI]

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