Check Out This Dope Next Level Gimbal Stabilizer

Anti-gravity cam sounds like a great tool for stable footage. Well, if you didn’t know, there is actually an “AntiGravityCam” tool available right now for filmmakers, and it’s made by the folks at Cinema Devices. It works in tandem with the DJI Ronin 2 – already a good stabilizer on its own – and takes the stability up a notch for ultra-smooth footage.

This thing also looks insane. Potato Jet took a deep look at it and put it to use. There are multiple arms, joysticks to operate, multiple pulleys, and suspensions, and it all is worn on a single person who can operate it by themselves. It’ll help get shots you never could before.

This is a special-purpose tool that has been used on plenty of professional shoots to create beautiful seamless moves through complex sets. Sure, you could just use a regular gimbal and use some extra stabilization in post, but you just can’t recreate the shots here.

It works by using a complex suspension system that accurately compensates for the movement of the camera person. By isolating the movement of the camera person from the camera it keeps the camera super stable.

It looks heavy. However, the design and how it is worn by the operator ensures the weight is distributed well no matter how the camera is held. Moving up and down is smooth and seamless.

Adjustments can be made to put the camera exactly where you need it too. It can be configured to work in tighter situations, such as through a doorway, or put the camera in higher or lower positions.

Plus, with the Ronin 2 and it’s wireless configurations via the Master Wheels you can have ACs working to create stunning camera moves.

If you haven’t seen the Master Wheels before, well it’s really easy to understand. Multiple dials will control different aspects and are very precise for fine movements.

The Force Pro is key here, as it provides reliable wireless communication for control over the gimbal. You can control stuff from a mile away.

The footage is impressively smooth. It is super expensive though, this is certainly not a tool for everyone. It does help people who can only run a small crew for a particular take or shot to help keep productions moving quickly.

Even huge film sets can benefit from occasionally paring down the crew for a few scenes.

Even without a gimbal inside the setup you can use the AntiGravityCam to create steady shots and still maintain a bit of inertia for a particular look.

It’s being used on movies with huge budgets already. If you do want to use a gimbal it works well, as demonstrated earlier, because it compensates for the type of movements that a handheld gimbal doesn’t normally work well to correct.

It’s amazing to see this professional rigs, maybe hopefully it’ll become more accessible to the rest of us.

[source: Potato Jet]

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