Attaching an External Hard Drive to Laptop (DIY Hack)

Portable SSDs have made editing on the go super easy. They are extremely fast, getting cheaper by the day, and ensure you don’t have to keep loading up your laptop’s internal hard drive with all your media. Having the drive just hanging around by the cable isn’t a great solution. It works for truly portable workstations, but a legitimate attachment system will help improve your experience.

One easy way to do this is presented by Patrick Fuller in the following video. Keep in mind it is designed mostly to work with those ultra-compact offerings like the Samsung T5 – I wouldn’t try mounting a full-sized HDD this way.

This is a quick tip but an effective one. All you need to do is pick up some 3M command strips (or similar from other brands). There are a lot of different types, but the standard Velcro strips are the go-to option. You should really just have a bunch of these on hand anyway because they are so useful.

When you are figuring out exact placement of your drive you will want to have your laptop turned off. This will make it easier since you can unplug and replug in the drive as you move it around.

Image Credit: Samsung

You are going to be looking at your cable and maybe other cables to get it in a good location. It should go somewhere on the top of your laptop.

When you find a spot that works you should take one of your command strips and place it on the back of the drive. Then do the other side and price it onto the laptop. Do some quick tests opening up and moving around the laptop real quick and pop it on and off to make sur eit works well for you.

That’s it! Easy to do and going to make your life a touch better.

[source: Patrick Fuller]

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