Simplify Sequences in Premiere Pro 2022

Editing can be a messy process. A very messy process. With tons of experimentation usually a part of the video editing workflow you can end up with a timeline filled with a ton of bits of pieces that might not be perfectly organized.

Now with Premiere Pro 2022, you have a nifty tool that will simplify your sequences – in addition to a ton of other new features that landed with this major update. It’s called “Simplify Sequence” which isn’t exactly a surprise and if you want to learn more about this new feature you should watch this video from Josh Olufemii.

When you start off with video editing you probably don’t need all that much sorting and organization to get the job done. A few clips here, maybe a couple audio effects, a music track and you are good.

As you advance with your editing skills you are probably going to start learning that organization isn’t just nice, it’s important.

Still, even those who know better can sometimes find their timelines get out of hand. If you are working with other team members this becomes an even bigger problem.

Sometimes you could sort it out by manually simplifying the timeline, bringing clips down to the bottom track, deleting unused clips, filling in gaps. It’s tough and stressful though since there is plenty room for error.

Image Credit: Adobe

Adobe just released a Premiere update that adds its own “Simplify Sequence” feature. Heading to the Sequence menu item you will now find this feature hidden there. The best part is that it’ll make a new copy of your timeline and not affect your original.

In the menu options for this feature you can make selections of what you want to chage. You can close vertical gaps, flatten multi-camera clips, remove audio and/or video, delete empty tracks or disabled tracks and clips, or offline clips, and more.

There is a lot of flexibility here and when you are ready just hit simplify. And boom, it actually looks very clean with very minimal effort. If you are getting ready to wrap on a project this is a nice final step before you archive it.

Will you start using the new Simplify Sequence feature?

[source: Olufemii]

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