Five Things You Didn’t Know the Rode Wireless GO II Could Do

RODE has made some impressive pieces of kit in the past few years and the Wireless GO II was a great improvement over the original by supporting two transmitters at once. There’s also a ton of other functionality buried inside the tiny device.

Navigating both the built-in menu and the wireless connectivity via the app you can take full advantage of the Wireless GO II and all of its features. Plus, there is some advice on what accessories you might want to pair with your unit. Coming straight from the folks at RODE Microphones is a quick video going in detail on five things that most people overlook.

1. Remote Start/Stop Using Smartphone

A big part of the Wireless GO II’s feature set is the ability to record hours of audio on-board. You’ll simply configure when you want it to start and stop using the computer app. Or, you can remotely start/stop using a smartphone and the RodeCentral app.

Connect the Wireless GO II receiver to your phone via the USB connection. You will now be able to see all the transmitters as well and be able to start and stop recording on each one.

Image Credit: RODE

2. Over 40 Hours On-Board Recording

Each transmitter can have their recording mode changed from an uncompressed broadcast quality to a compressed standard quality. This change will allow you to capture over 40 hours of audio before running out of space. When these tracks aren’t your main source for post or are just a backup this could be very helpful.

3. Low-Sensitivity Mode

Clipping will ruin your audio when your subject or surrounding sounds are very loud. On the Wireless GO II you can account for this by turning on the Pad function to lower the gain.

It affects all the recording options, including the built-in mic and 3.5mm input. You’ll also want to make sure you adjust the output gain to avoid clipping or having too low a signal going into the camera.

Image Credit: RODE

4. RODE Connect Compatibility

The Wireless GO II is directly compatible with the RODE Connect software. This means you can use it for streaming or recording podcasts.

5. Accessories

There are plenty of accessories that can completely change the Wireless GO II. One example they mentioned earlier was the Interview GO which converts the Wireless GO II into a handheld mic. Other options are the FlexClip GO for a set of different mounting options and the Colors 2 for marking each of your components with a distinct color. You can also use it with plenty of other devices.

[source: RODE Microphones]

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