Kinefinity Takes Things to the Edge with Modular MAVO 6K Camera

Kinefinity’s Mavo Edge line has been rather silent since launching their 8K model last year. However, that’s all about to change with the new lower-end 6K Mavo Edge cinema camera, which can record full-frame in ProRes and will soon offer Cinema DNG Raw to boot.

Similar in their modular design, the chief differences between the 8K and 6K models are largely in materials.  While the Mavo Edge 8K is built with a modular carbon fiber exoskeleton, the 6K model is based on aluminum and steel for a more polished look and feel. 

Image Source – Kinefinity

The Mavo Edge 6K comes with a 23.97MP full-frame 6K 3:2 CMOS image sensor capable of shooting at up to 75 fps in 6K, and up to 120 fps in 4K.

The camera will initially be available shooting in ProRes 4444 and ProRes XQ in KineLog 3 upon release, but a future firmware update will bring support for Cinema DNG Raw. Raw image data is not debayered, but will instead be stored losslessly in CDNG once the firmware update becomes available in Q2. 

Dual Native ISO drives the imaging with ISO 800 and 5120, which can easily span the range of daylight exteriors or night exteriors, matching both ambient and fixture light sources for a more natural look.

Consequently, the Edge 6K is capable of generating over 14 stops of dynamic range with KineLog3, and can control both custom and third-party 3D LUTs.

Image Source – Kinefinity

The light can also be controlled through The Mavo Edge 6K’s internal motorized eND filters, which will provide up to 8 stops of light reduction electronically. The filters range from .6-2.4 and can be adjusted with precise control and real-time color calibration.

Moreover, while the Mavo Edge 6K will support Kinefinity’s proprietary KineMag SSD drives through its dual SD media slots, the camera will also record to any m2 NVMe M.2 2280 SSD with an included adapter plate.

The open-source nature of the design also means that the Mavo Edge 6K can be powered by the hybrid battery plate, which supports standard 14.8V V-mount batteries such as KineBAT PD 75w/150w, as well as Sony BP-U-type batteries.

The MAVO Edge 6K can also connect to external power sources courtesy of a standard D-Tap port, 12V RS port, and Lens port (12V) to power third-party accessories such as wireless video transmitters and wireless follow focus systems.

Furthermore, there’s also a timecode port supporting Jam and regular Sync; an RS232 protocol embedding in Lens port for communicating with and controlling third-party accessories, and an RS port for powering and triggering an external record function. 

Image Source – Kinefinity

For lens mounting, in addition to the KineMount, the MavoEdge 6K will also support PL, ARRI LPL, Sony E-mount and Canon EF mount lenses. No mention, however, on if Kinefinity plans to support an RF mount mirrorless option. With Canon planning to discontinue the EF line, this becomes a more important question to address.

Port wise, the Mavo Echo comes with a broad range of I/O connection options including BNC 3D-SDI for video, XLR for audio, a USB-C for high-speed data transfer, and wireless transmission to a mobile device or external video monitor. There’s also support for wireless follow focus and the Cooke/i protocol which enables the camera to record and save lens metadata into the footage, to aid in VFX workflows.  

Image Source – Kinefinity

Lastly, the KinefinityOS gives control of Frame rate, shutter angle, ISO, aperture, ND strength, color temperature, LUTs, and audio levels can all be adjusted via touchscreen control, making it easy for the cinematographer to set up the parameters quickly. 

The camera’s open-source operating system can be controlled via hard buttons on the side of the camera body, or through an external monitor recorder interface. The camera can also be controlled wirelessly through a mobile app.  

With an expected shipping date of May of 2022, the Kinefinity Mavo Edge 6K will come in two different configurations, including a core package in Space Gray or Raw Steel starting at $9,999, and a Professional pack for around $14,099.  

[source: Kinefinity]

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