GoPro Boosts Battery Life With the Volta Camera Grip

One of the main complaints with the GoPro Hero action camera is that users need to bring along a bunch of batteries to change out when out in the field. It’s not that much fun to fumble with tiny batteries when you’re on the slopes. 

But GoPro has come out with a battery camera grip called the Volta which not only changes this perception but as part of the Creator Kit, the Volta could make it easier for the GoPro Hero to be a bonafide vlogging tool. 

Image Credit: GoPro

At a glance, the Volta is a camera grip with a battery built-in. But don’t let that utilitarian design fool you. There are hidden features in the Volta that are sure to delight action geeks.

The chief feature is the 4900 mAh hidden in the grip itself. Capable of all-day battery life, the battery provides up to 4 hours of 5.3K/30 recording time. Volta also doubles as a USB-C charger for other mobile devices, or to power a second GoPro. 

Image Credit – GoPro

Hidden in the grip itself is a secondary GoPro mount, which pops up with a flick of a button, perfect for adding a second GoPro or any other accessories. When not in use, the second mount slips right back into its recessed, spring-loaded cavity. 

Volta also has two additional legs, which pop out to transform the camera grip into a leaning tripod. Great for vlogging when you’re wanting to focus on vlogging or grabbing a quick group photo.

Additionally, the Volta can function as a wireless remote control, capable of being detached to control the camera from up to 98 ft away.  Integrated buttons not only control start/stop, power, and checking battery life but also for easy one-handed control.  But what could be the best feature of the Volta is its swivel head. 

Whether the user is right or left-handed or prefers to press the integrated buttons from the front of the back, the head swivels the camera around through four different positions. This can also make it ideal for doing interviews or personal reflections.

Product Details:

  • Built-in 4900 mAh battery provides over four hours of 5.3K/30 recording time
  • Integrated camera buttons for easy one-handed control
  • Built-in tripod legs flip out for stable shots
  • Wirelessly controls camera from up to 98 ft (30m) away²
  • Status lights for battery life + camera mode
  • Power output: 5V/2.4A (12W max) for charging other USB-C devices
  • Power input/output type: USB-C

“Leave the extra batteries behind, all you need is the Creator Edition and you can create cinematic magic—all day long,” says GoPro CEO Nick Woodman. “You’ll have to recharge yourself before you even think about recharging your GoPro.” 

As part of the GoPro Hero Creator Edition, the Volta comes with a Hero 10 Black, the GoPro Hero Media Mod with for enhanced audio, two cold-shoe mounts, ports for 3.5mm and HDMI-out;  and the GoPro Light Mod, capable of four levels of brightness to a max of 200 lumens. 

All for $520 when you subscribe to GoPro’s membership. MSRP at the time of launch is $785. That’s a bargain, even with the $50 annual subscription price.  Existing Hero10 users can pick up the Volta separately for $129, or $91 with membership.

[source: GoPro]

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