Building a Simple and Efficient RED KOMODO Cinema Rig from Scratch

RED made some great improvements with their latest camera releases starting with the KOMODO 6K. The camera’s are able to start shooting without tons of extra equipment. However, the box form factor may be nice and compact but it certainly isn’t the ideal configuration for most. The good part of the boxiness is that it is easy to build out into exactly what you want.

Most people still want to keep something easy to handle that doesn’t become a burden for everyday shooting. If you are looking for a simple rig for your KOMODO then check out this setup from Tenfold Production.

There are a lot of pieces you’ll want to pick up:

  • 8SINN Cage
  • 8Sinn Baseplate and Riser
  • Bright Tangerine Top Plate
  • SmallHD INDIE 7
  • EF to RF Speedbooster
  • Tilta Wireless Transmitter Bracket
  • Tilta 15mm Single-Rod Clamps
  • Tilta Nucleus-M
  • Teradek Bolt 4K LT 750
  • Tilta Advanced Power Module Type II

The highlights of the rig are the NATO rails. If you haven’t heard of these or used them before you definitely should get to know them. They are great quick release points and allow you to build up or modify your kit as you need.

Image Credit: RED

As for the cage, they chose the 8Sinn because of the mounting options. The cage has a ton of different threads all around and didn’t have a rosette mount on the cage itself. They preferred to have the ARRI rosette on the riser plate for more versatility. Add on the ARRI dovetail plate and you have an easy to setup system.

The only thing it needed still was a top plate. The Bright Tangerine with run/stop function was a good solve.

One addition you won’t be able to find (but can likely find something close) is the SmallRig Top Handle which is discontinued. It happened to fit well and is sized right. Though you can likely just find a similar NATO-compatible handle.

Image Credit: 8Sinn

For their wireless transmitter, they picked up a couple smaller pieces, including a Tilta bracket from an FX6 kit and a 15mm rod clamp. There are now some more official options, like the Wooden Camera V-Log Base Station and Wedge Kit which are going to be picked up soon.

Another small piece that deserves a bigger callout is the SDI protector cable. The SDI ports are susceptible to damage so going with one of these cables helps make sure everything is safe.

Image Credit: Tilta

For power they use the Tilta V-Mount Distribution Module Type II based on its location and battery slot mounting. Plus, it has some good port options. Add on the YINCHEM 99Wh V-Mount Battery, or any other similar battery, to complete the kit.

Image Credit: SmallHD

Monitoring is handled by the SmallHD INDIE 7, which is a good monitor on its own but also adds on-screen controls for the KOMODO. Just make sure to pick up the full control cable for KOMODO. Add on a NATO-compatible cage, too.

RED opted for an RF mount which was interesting and made it extremely versatile. Most people are still using EF glass so an adapter is likely in most KOMODO owners’ future. They picked up the Metabones 0.71x Speedbooster, though you could also go with the official Canon model if you want. These are great for making the most of full-frame lenses on the Super 35mm sensor.

Image Credit: Metabones

The last thing is small but could do wonders for you—Sprig Cable Management Devices. These screw into any available threads and provide a quick loop for you to pop any cables through. It’ll bring some sense of organization to your rig.

Anything that you would add or pieces you prefer?

[source: Tenfold Production]

Order Links:

  • RED KOMODO 6K Cinema Camera (B&H)
  • 8Sinn Cage for RED KOMODO (B&H, Amazon)
  • 8Sinn 15mm Baseplate + Riser Plate I + ARRI Dovetail Plate Bundle (B&H, Amazon)
  • Bright Tangerine Run/Stop Top Plate for RED KOMODO (B&H)
  • Tilta Wireless Video Mounting Bracket for Sony FX6 (B&H)
  • Wooden Camera V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit (B&H)
  • Tilta 15mm Single-Rod Clamps for Sony FX6 (B&H)
  • Tilta V-Mount Advanced Power Distribution Module for RED KOMODO Type II (B&H)
  • SDI Protector Cable for RED KOMODO (Amazon)
  • Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x (B&H)
  • Metabones Canon EF to RF T CINE Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter (B&H)
  • SmallHD INDIE 7 On-Camera Monitor Kit for RED KOMODO (B&H, Amazon)
  • SmallHD Monitor/Camera Control Cable for RED KOMODO (B&H)
  • SHAPE BNC Male to BNC Male 12G-SDI 4K Cable (B&H)
  • YINCHEM 99Wh V-Mount Battery (Amazon)
  • Sprig Cable Management Device (B&H)
  • RED DIGITAL CINEMA 512GB RED PRO CFast 2.0 Memory Card (B&H)
  • Teradek Bolt 4K LT 750 Wireless Video Transmission Set (B&H, Amazon)

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