With a Simple Magnetic Design, Why Didn’t Someone Think of Revoring Swift Before?

The H&Y Revoring Swift Filter System is a revolutionary new approach to a filter array that is attached magnetically, rather than just by screwing filter stacks and step rings to the end of a lens. In fact, it’s so simple in its design, that it makes one wonder … why did it take so long for someone to try this?

Designed in response to user feedback on their initial Revoring Step Adapter, The Revoring Swift System goes several steps beyond to incorporate strong magnets for switching filters, while expanding with additional accessories including lightweight matte boxes.

Using magnetism to hold each element in place, translates into tremendous time savings, where a filter configuration can be changed instantly, rather than taking the time to screw and unscrew a filter array. Moreover, the Revoring System also has a square filter sliding holder, which can take high-impact filter glass and hold it in place, or even add a matte box or hood in the same stick-on fashion.

Image Credit – H&Y

The three-layer Revoring Swift system begins with the base Revoring step adapter plate. It’s the only part of the system that threads onto the lens itself. But once there, it stays there.

Based on its variable blade technology gives any camera system user the ability to use 1 single filter on EVERY lens, without the need for multiple-step rings.

The second layer is the Bridge, and this is where users can drop in various filters or variable neutral density attachments, which can slip into the slide module instantly. From there, users can add the third layer, which is the top layer.

On this layer, users can magnetically affix a square filter holder, matte box, or hood. All three layers can magnetically attach to one another, making the entire system easy to install or move to a secondary camera within seconds.

Image Credit – H&Y

The complete Revoring Swift System consists of a 100mm Filter Holder, Circular Filters, Square Filters, Drop-in Filters, Clip-on Filters, Matte Boxes, as well as Hoods and Caps.

It’s an ALL-IN-ONE system that is designed to save filmmakers and content creators a great deal of installation time, extending the time to be creative on set.

This all-you-can-eat system can also be divided up into several custom creative options, including beginning and advanced photographers kits, and a beginning and advanced filmmaker’s kit.

Image Credit – H&Y

All kits start with the Revoring base plate, and from there break out as follows: The beginning Photographer’s Kit also contains the Swift Magnetic Bridge Ring, Square filter holder, and 100mmx150mm Gradient neutral density filter plate. The Advanced Photographer’s kit adds a second 100mmx100mm Neutral Density filter plate.

Meanwhile, the Filmmaker’s Kit starts with the base plate and Magnetic Bridge Ring but adds a drop in filter rack to house a variable neutral density drop in filter, and finally, the Swift magnetic Matte box. The Advanced kit doubles up on the filter racks and ND filters.

Being a Kickstarter campaign, users can pick up the systems at an early bird rate that $369 beginning Photographer’s kit and $356 for the Beginning Filmmaker’s Kit. The Advanced levels kits are $479. Existing Revoring users can also get in on the action, picking up similar kits for $220.

Users can also tailor their own custom system with piecemeal additions that include the gradient and neutral density filters, there are also additional options ranging from star, streak, night, and variable neutral density filters that can adjust from 1.5-to 9 stops.

Based on the fact that H&Y’s Kickstarter campaign for the system has raised nearly ten times the amount of their goal, it’s safe to say that the Revoring Swift is an idea whose time has come. Check out the Kickstarter page here. But keep in mind the risk that comes with backing a crowdfunding campaign.

Products may be delayed or never even come out. But considering that H&Y has successfully launched a product before, the infrastructure is firmly in place to launch the Revoring Swift with little in the way of unexpected fulfillment issues.

[source: H&Y Filters]

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