Check Out This Dope 3-Arm Suction Cup for $70

Rigging up a camera is always a fun adventure. One of the more fun experiences it getting something setup on the outside of a car to pull off those nice action sequences or just get a different angle on a scene. Any sort of car mount can also be very dangerous if it is not done right so you will want to have something that is incredibly secure and safe.

If you are looking for a way to mount your camera kit to a car you might want to look into this 3-arm suction cup mount from Telesin that costs only $70. It looks solid and versatile, but filmmaker Phillip Skraba takes a look at real-world performance.

The kit is essential a combo that includes three separate suction cup arms. These are solid pieces with two ball joints for angling them just how you need. It comes with a solid and compact ball head as well as a star mount that allows you to attach all three arms to the ball head.

Image Credit: Telesin

The brand claims it is “stable like a mountain” which is a great claim if it holds up. There are some stated limitations to be aware of:

  • Best used on smooth roads
  • Maximum speed of 50 mph (80 kph)
  • Maximum weight of 4.4 lb (2 kg)
  • Recommended temperature range of 14 to 104ºF (-10 to 40ºC)

Phillip is planning on pushing the boundaries here by bringing it a little off road and by using some hefty kits. To plan for the potential of a failure he is going to wrap up the camera in some padding and then secure it with some cable to make sure it doesn’t go flying. Tethers are just good and safe even if you never have any issues with the mounts.

Another good tip before using a car mount is to make sure your car is nice and clean—especially where you plan on mounting the camera. Dirt can reduce the security of the suction cup and can lead to it coming undone.

Image Credit: DJI

Testing grounds for today are a bumpy dirt road and the first setup on the mount is the toughest: the DJI RS 2 with Sony a7 III.

This is a heavy combo and it seems to be handling things quite well. It isn’t the smoothest I’ve ever seen but these are all consumer-grade pieces and if it is what you have I expect you’ll be pretty happy with what you can get.

If you don’t plan on mounting up the gimbal rig and just want to go with your camera straight on the suction cup mount he tests that next.

Image Credit: Sony

The camera by itself with in-body stabilization turned on is quite stable. It might actually be a little more stable than the gimbal as it doesn’t move around at all since it is securely attached directly to the car. Also, since it is a full camera he is able to use a polarizer to cut down on reflections.

Last on the testing list is the DJI Action 2 which is the most likely use case for this type of mount.

It looks super good and smooth which is definitely an advantage of the RockSteady stabilization. Being the smallest it is likely the safest and the action cam is durable. It even holds up on the speedier section of the test, though its lack of a polarizer filter is limiting its potential since the reflections are completely ruining any view into the car.

Image Credit: DJI

This mount looks like a great, relatively affordable option. Still, you’ll want to take all the safety precautions you can to keep everything safe, but it does look good.

What do you think about this suction cup rig? Do you trust it?

[source: Phillip Skraba]

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