Now is a Good Time to Buy a Ninja V/V+ with Atomos’ Latest Sale

If you’ve been hearing about the new features coming to the Ninja V/V+, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on buying Atomos’ flagship external monitor recorder, there’s no time like the present. That’s because Atomos is having a summer sale and users can get up to $600 off on the monitor with a host of great accessories.

From recording 8K Raw to live streaming and camera to cloud integration with the Ninja V/V+ and Atomos Connect, the external monitor recorder is constantly being updated to support more and more cameras, codecs, and configurations. Atomos has expanded the Ninja toolset to cover just about every genre of filmmaking with the emphasis on recording at the highest level of resolution and color.

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The Atomos Ninja+ features a 5.2-inch display and records and plays back up to 8K RAW video, Apple ProRes RAW up to 8K 30p or DCI 4K 120p. The Nina is the 4K version, which offers a 5″ IPS LCD screen display and onboard toolset, but records 4K60 video in ProRes Raw and DCI.

“As the world of filmmaking evolves to accommodate new ways of working with remote team members and cloud-based workflows, new a new range of tools are required,” states the promotion. “ATOMOS is once again taking a leading role in providing these technologies and making them available to filmmakers at every level.”

Image Credit: Atomos

The sale, which was designed to celebrate Atomos award-winning innovations showcased at NAB, offers $600 on the Atomos Ninja V+ 8K Bundle, which includes the Atomos Ninja V+ 5.2″ Recording Monitor, a Power Kit, Monitor Mount, 1TB AtomX SSD, Dummy Battery, and 2 x HDMI Cables.

An H.265 download license is also included. The Ninja V, by contrast, will save users $400 in its own bundle, which includes the Ninja V recording monitor, 1TB AtomX SSDmini & Mounting Kit.

Beginning users can also buy the Ninja V+ Deluxe Starter kit, with a savings of $450.

The Starter Kit comes with a Ninja V recording monitor, Accessory Kit with Batteries & Charger, Master Caddy II, SATA III Cable, Screen Protector, sun Hood, and Travel Case. If looking to buy the Ninja V or the V+ separately, users can expect to save $250-400 respectively.

The Ninja V/V+ sale will run until June 30th, 2022.

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Order links:

  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 4K HDMI Recording Monitor Pro Kit with AtomX SDI Module (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K Recording Monitor with 1TB AtomX SSDmini & Mounting Kit (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K Recording Monitor with 2TB AtomX SSDmini Kit (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K Recording Monitor with 500GB Angelbird AtomX SSDmini Kit (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K Recording Monitor Kit with AtomX 500GB SSDmini (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor Kit with 2 L-Series Batteries, Charger, and Power Adapter (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V+ Switch & Stream Kit (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ Monitor + AtomX Cast with Carry Case Bundle (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V+ 5.2″ 8K HDMI H.265 Raw Recording Monitor (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V+ 8K HDMI Camera-Ready Bundle (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V+ Pro 8K HDMI/12G-SDI Camera-Ready Bundle (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V+ 8K HDMI/SDI Monitor/Recorder Pro Kit (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V+ Deluxe Starter Kit (B&H)
  • Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K HDMI Recording Monitor with 5″ Accessory Kit (B&H)

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