Tokina Rolls Out 33mm F1.2 Lens for X and E-Mount APS-C

Tokina has launched a new manual lens with either X or E-Mounts. The new SZ 33mm F1.2 prime is designed for APS-C cameras and will offer a focal length equivalent to a full-frame 50 mm model.

“The main concept of the Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 lens is to provide a lens for an affordable price but with a superb bokeh and great low-light performance,” Tokina said in a statement. “By releasing the Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 for Fuji X and Sony E mount mirrorless cameras, Tokina aims to provide the mass market with one more powerful option for photographers and videographers.”

Image Credit – Tokina

With an aperture range of F1.2-F16, the fairly fast “nifty 35” is built with nine lens elements in seven groups, with an 11 blade iris for a rather pleasant bokeh. The aperture ring is also built to be “clickless” for a smooth and silent adjustment.

In addition, Tokina states that the optical elements have multiple coatings to combat chromatic aberration and light leaks, and the lens promises minimal focus breathing. The 33mm F1.2 has a minimum focusing range of just under 20 inches (50cm) and has a filter diameter of 62 mm.

Meanwhile, the focusing mechanism offers a long focus throw with low light and high contrast benefits. “Focus throw is measured in degrees and represents the amount of rotation needed to turn a lens’ focus ring from its MFD (minimum focus distance) to infinity,” Tokina writes.

“The Tokina 33mm F1.2 performs 160-degrees of focus throw that is long enough for a precise focusing operation.”

Other key features include:

  • The most natural angle of view for a wide range of genres.
  • Fully manual focus and aperture for video shooting.
  • Super fast f/1.2 aperture for faster shutter speed and smooth bokeh.
  • Low light fall-off.
  • High contrast performance.
  • Click-less aperture ring & depth of field scale.
  • Long focus throw for an extremely precise focus

Here’s some sample footage, and a few stills to showcase the lens’ performance:

The 33mm F1.2 measures just under 3 inches (71mm) in diameter, nearly 3 1/2” (87.5mm) long and weighs about just over 1.3 lbs (605g).

The retail price for the Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 is $399 and it’s available now from Tokina direct. No listings anywhere else, yet.

[source: Tokina]

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