Zhiyun Weebill 3 High-Performance Gimbal with a Built-in Mic and Super Bright LED Announced

Zhiyun Tech has announced the Weebill 3 Gimbal, with a built-in external microphone and super bright LED light. The gimbal is the latest in the company’s Weebill line and comes with a Zihyun’s unique Sling 2 mode which provides an extra point of contact for additional stabilization, and wrist support to combat fatigue when shooting handheld for long periods of time.

Zhiyun says that their Sling 2 design will shoulder up to 40% of the gimbal’s overall weight, thereby reducing the amount of effort it takes to hold the gimbal and its camera payload.

The L-shaped sling grip attachment has also been moved to the bottom of the gimbal handle, making it more comfortable when shooting at low angles.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN TECH

The tenth generation gimbal stabilization algorithm provides improved camera stability during movement and uses machine learning to remember how the camera interacts with its environment by re-tuning the running curves of the gimbal itself.

The unit also has control buttons, and mini joystick, a finger trigger, and a control wheel for customizing functions and making multiple adjustments, including camera parameters, focus/zoom, and axis movements.

The grip has thumb buttons, a mini control stick, a finger trigger, and a customizable control wheel. The Weebill 3 also has six preloaded camera modes, to capture unique and energetic movements.

Built into the handle grip is a .96” square OLED screen with readouts in either English or Chinese, which provides gimbal & camera status updates, and access to advanced features like timelapse and custom V modes.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN TECH

Built into the stabilizing platform itself, the Weebill 3 has a 1000 lumen LED fill light which has a color range of 2600k-5400K, and a CRI rating of 90+.

There’s also a forward-focused ‘Hi-Fi’ cardioid microphone with noise-canceling features that connect wirelessly, so content creators don’t have to keep track of any additional cables which could get in the way while being connected to the attached camera.

DSLR and mirrorless cameras are attached through ZhiYun’s dual quick release system, which can do double duty as a battery charger to keep your camera topped off during shooting.

The camera can be balanced using the twin adjustment knobs that will move the camera mount back and forth and side to side, locking in the balance within seconds.

And once the camera is balanced, Zihyun says it won’t have to be rebalanced until the camera configuration has been changed. This includes changing out batteries, which often force a time-consuming rebalance.

Image Credit – ZHIYUN TECH

The grip has a 7,800mAh internal battery which Zhiyun says will give the Weebil 3 up to 21 hours of useful battery life, though that’s likely without the grip providing recharge power to the camera itself. The gimbal also supports PD charging, being able to get a full battery charge in about two hours.

The Weebill 3 is also compatible with ZhiYun’s Master Eye wireless protocol for remote operation when attached to a remote mount like a helicopter or car mount. There’s also a built-in magnetic wrench in the handle to keep the gimbal tightly secured.

No larger than a sheet of paper, the Zhiyun Weebill 3 gimbal stabilizer weighs in at about 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg). Unfortunately, though, Zhiyun hasn’t published its payload capacity, but since it’s compatible with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, a guess of around three pounds seems right.

The Zhiyun Weebill 3 is available now at a price of $449 (about gimbal only, or in a combo kit that includes a backpack, mini tripod, wrist rest, and extendable sling grip for $529.

[source: Zhiyun]

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