Rotolight Rolls Out Firmware 1.2 Update for NEO 3 and AEOS 2 Lights

Rotolight has published a new firmware update for the Neo 3 and Aeos 2 LED Video Lights, which offers numerous new features including a maximum/constant lux mode, fan control, and Cine effects enhancements for greater control over lighting effects.

The update also provides for a new touchscreen lock function, to keep settings from being accidentally changed. These features can be found in the settings menu on the LCD screen at the back of the light.

The features of version 1.2 break down as follows:

Fan Control. This provides different functions for operating the cooling fan on both the Neo 3 and Aeos 2. Fan control can now be set to either Auto, Video, or Off. Auto is the recommended setting, but in cases where video scenes need a quieter fan speed, the video setting is recommended.

Users can also choose to turn off the fan, but Rotolight warns that will limit the brightness of the light overall to prevent overheating.

Maximum and Constant Lux Control. This feature enables users to select the maximum mode for the absolute maximum brightness output, but constant LUX control is also available for video shooting, where a steady level of light is preferred regardless of color temperature.

Touchscreen Lock. The touchscreen lock is activated simply by pressing down and holding both select rear red buttons simultaneously. This will lock the settings screen, to prevent any changes until the screen is unlocked. To unlock the screen, simply press and hold both rear red buttons again.

Image Credit – Rotolight

Cine SFX Mode Enhancements. Navigation has been improved in the Cine SFX menu, with improvements to color realism in fire and neon modes. Adjustments have also been relegated exclusively to the left button in this mode.

Other features include Multi Language Support with language options including Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. There’s also improved battery performance in max flash power to enable both lights to fire for a longer period of time with quicker recovery. There’s also now third-party battery support.

There is also an update coming next month for Rotolight’s iOS App, which is also being beta tested on Android platforms with plans to launch in July. This update includes a brand new green/magenta correction control, along with numerous additional enhancements.

To download the update, head over to Rotolight’s Support page. Once downloaded, save the update to a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive and plug the drive into the USB port on the back of your Neo 3 or Aeos 2 light.

Then, press both the red buttons and the power button. It will ask if you want to update, and you press the left red button to say yes.

[source: Rotolight]

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