DZOFilm Completes Full Frame Cine Prime Set with 21mm and 40mm Wide Angles

Aiming to round out their collection of Vespid Full Frame Cinema Prime lenses, DZOFilm has announced a pair of wide-angle lenses.

The lenses are a 21mm T2.1 and a 40mm T2.1 full-frame primes promise which DZOFilm says can showcase a wide scene without causing unnatural distortion.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Designed to support full frame and large format cameras like the RED Monstro VV and ARRI Alexa LF, the Vespid Cine Prime set enjoys a large image circle of 46.5mm and has a T stop range of T2.1-T22 with a manual rotation angle of 68°.

A 16-bladed iris in both the 21 and 40mm Vespids also provide a pleasing, natural bokeh that blends during focusing falloff.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Outside of the iris control, there isn’t much in the way of detail as to how the lenses are configured or arranged other than it is an APO design that optimizes chromatic aberration.

However, the manual focusing ring has a wide, 270° focus throw and offers a bi-distance measurement of feet and meters.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

Judging from the rest of the lenses in the set, and how the images are positioned, both lenses likely have a minimum focusing distance of about .28-.37 meters, or between 11 inches and one foot respectively.

Another added benefit is that DZOFilm states that there is a “negligible breathing effect,” to create a more immersive scene.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

The lenses fill in the focal gap of the set, which starts at 16mm T2.8 and runs to 125mm T2.1, with a 90mm Macro T2.8 included in the mix.

All told, the set now has a 21mm T2.1, 25mm T2.1, 35mm T2.1, 40mm T2.1, 50mm T2.1, 75mm, 90mm macro T2.8, 100mm T2.1, and 125mm T2.1.

Compact and portable, the lenses weigh around 950 g (33.5oz) and have the same consistent dimensions as other lenses in the lineup. The lenses are also compatible with DZOFilm’s Koop rear filters and have a front filter size of M77.

Image Credit – DZOFilm

With a retail price of $1399 each, the 21mm and 40mm Vespid Prime lenses will be available in either PL or EF mounts. The entire 10 lens set is also available for under $12,000. They ship at the end of July.

[source: DZOFilm]

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