Aputure’s MT Pro Mini Tube Light Offers High-Density Color from a One Foot Size

Aputure’s New MT Pro Pixel RGBWW Mini Tube offers incredible brightness and color accuracy from a design that isn’t even as long as a forearm.

The MT Pro Pixel Mini is packed with 36 ultra fine pixels that Aputure says “produces incredibly smooth pixel chases and effects with the ability to transition between pixels at high speeds, making it practically impossible to distinguish between individual pixels with the naked eye.”

Designed to be more of an accent light than a main set light or source, the MT Pro can produce a variety of ambient accents, like sunlight or moonlight streaming through a window, or casting an accent glow just about anywhere in the scene to set the proper mood.

Image Credit – Aputure

The 7.5 watt MT Pro has a fully tunable, wide CCT range of 2,000K to 10,000K and a CRI rating of 95+, while its TLCI rating is 98+. Other ratings include the SSI (D56) of 73 and SSI/Tungsten rating of 94.

The pixels can produce 90% of the REC 202 color space with a variety of custom options, and it can produce a brightness of 614 lux at 1.64 feet or 0.5 meters.

Image Credit – Aputure

Those options include seven built-in pixel effects including Color Fade, Color Cycle, One Pixel Chase, TwoPixel Chase, Three Pixel Chase, Rainbow, and Pixel Fire.

It also has nine lighting effects including Fireworks, Fire, Paparazzi, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Cop Car, Lightning, and Party Lights. There is also room to customize the FX with ten separate music and custom FX options.

Image Credit – Aputure

The MTPro also enjoys an incredible amount of remote control through Bluetooth using the Aputure Sidus Link mobile app, DMX//RDM computer controller, or Lumen Radio CRMX. The light also has Advanced HSI with White Point CCT Control. The light also has a small mono LCD menu screen to set up and read the settings.

With a two-hour battery life from its 15.5 Wh lithium polymer battery, the MT Pro can be recharged in two hours using the USB-C connector at the end of the tube. The light can also be used while it is plugged in, dividing the current between the light and the battery without causing any damage to the battery’s capacity.

While the MT Pro is capable of being mounted on a light stand or tripod through the 1/4-20 mount on the bottom side of the tube, it can also be mounted to any metal surface thanks to two strong magnets that can keep the light mounted vertically without a stand if need be.
The Aputure MT Pro Pixel RGBWW Mini Tube is available for preorder at a retail price of $199.

[source: Aputure]

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