How to Easily Use Canon Lenses with Sony Cameras

A huge advantage for mirrorless cameras was that without the mirror the lens mount was now able to allow for the use of advanced adapters and lenses from other systems without giving up electronic features like autofocus.

Sony got out to a great start thanks to the development of adapters that allowed people to use their vast collections of Canon EF glass on new mirrorless bodies.

One option for using Canon lenses on Sony cameras is the Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter Adapter. You can also pick up various options for vintage glass. So, if you want to see these in action you should watch this video from filmmaker Tom Buck.

Autofocus Lenses

This is a very straightforward electronic adapter – there is no special glass or anything here – meaning you are getting pure image quality. It’ll allow your EF-mount glass to communicate properly with your RF-mount camera.

Officially, the Sigma MC-11 is designed for use with Sigma-made EF-mount lenses. That is basically because that is only what Sigma can guarantee. There is a USB port for firmware updates as well.

Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter Adapter

Image Credit: Sigma

The MC-11 does work with a wide range of other EF-mount lenses though with one exception. While AF does seem to work for photos with a lot of lenses, video autofocus appears to be limited to Sigma lenses.

Tom’s experiments with Canon-made lenses show some very good results. EF lenses do well, but EF-S lenses will not work. Full-frame lenses only.

Sigma won’t officially say the Canon lenses are compatible and that is because you won’t get all features. Also, not every combination of camera and lens has been tested so if you have an older lens and a just-released camera you might get some weirdness.

Vintage Glass

An alternate option is to pick up some older EF glass or even some classic all-manual FD lenses. With FD lenses you can get a mechanical adapter since you don’t have to worry about autofocus or electronic aperture.

Vello Canon FD to EF Lens Adapter

Image Credit: Vello

Older, vintage lenses can likely be found for great prices on the used market.

You can also stack adapters. So, you could pick up adapters for EF mount and then connect that to the previously mentioned MC-11 adapter.

This is a great way to expand your lens collection cheaply and/or quickly. If you have a closet of Canon lenses might as well keep on using it through an adapter. Or, pick up an adapter and buy some affordable used glass to fill out your lens lineup.

Do you like adapting lenses?

[source: Tom Buck]

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