Meike Launches Affordable 35mm F.95 APS-C Lens

Affordable manual focus lenses are still popular in most of the world, and Meike has announced a new 35mm F.95 Large Aperture APS-C lens which brings affordable and fast wide-angle performance to the mirrorless platform.

The lens offers a 35mm equivalent of close to a “nifty fifty” and will support six different mirrorless camera lines.

Image Credit – Meike

The Meike 35mm F.95 Large Aperture APS-C lens houses lens elements organized in seven groups, and a 13-bladed aperture for a nice, smoothly round bokeh.

Meike stops short is specifying if there are any low or extra-low dispersion lens elements to combat distortion or lens flare, but considering that this is very budget-friendly, it’s safe to assume the lens has a very basic configuration.

The lens aperture range is F0.95 – F16, thereby showing that the design places a premium on speed and depth of field separation with the subject, while still maintaining a degree of sharpness in overall resolution and color accuracy.

Image Credit – Meike

The lens has a 52mm front filter thread and a minimum focusing distance of about 15.4 inches (.39 meters). Its angle of view is 44.2mm when used with an APS-C camera, and 34 degrees fitted to a micro four-thirds mount.

Being a totally manual focusing lens, the Meike 35mm F.95 Large Aperture APS-C lens doesn’t offer any digital metadata communication or automatic camera adjustments, so photographers are completely manual in their use.

But an experienced hand is very comfortable and maybe even faster making those adjustments than trusting the camera to choose optimal settings. The content creator is on their own, however, for logging any EXIF or GPS data for use in post-production.

The overall lens weight is very light at .84 pounds (380 grams), making it a good addition to any shooter’s camera bag while out in the field.

Image Credit – Meike

With a retail price of $259 with lens and mount caps, the Meike 35mm F.95 Large Aperture APS-C lens is designed to support Sony E, Fujifilm X, Canon EF-M, Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera platforms.

The lens is available through Meike Direct and their online shop at

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Meike 35mmF0.95 Large Aperture Aps-C Manual Focus Lens (Amazon)

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