What’s the Perfect Monopod for Small Spaces You Can Currently Get?

Let’s talk support systems! Specifically, let’s talk about monopods. Tripods are the obvious answer for your video kit, but monopods are an increasingly popular option if you plan to be more mobile or work in tighter spaces.

So popular that there are tons of brands with their own version of the video monopod.

So, what is the best monopod you can currently get for small spaces? The guys at ProAV TV might have an answer in the iFootage A200.

It has a large, round flat base that let’s it stand up by itself and collapses down to a tiny size.

Even monopods with feet aren’t the most stable. Those are usually designed to be held at all times and just provide some extra stability for quick shooting.

iFootage A200 Round Base Monopod

Image Credit: iFootage

The round base of the A200 let’s it stand up without support, isn’t a trip hazard, and if you want you can easily add a sandbag for extra stability.

Small homes or studios, events, and on desks all work well with this design.

It has a standard mount on top, too, meaning you can add tons of accessories to mount tons of useful tools. Can make it helpful all the time even if not for a camera.

There are two versions of the monopod, a shorter A200 and a taller A300. Picking one will depend on your use case. For popping on a table or desk the A200 will do the trick.

iFootage A300 Round Base Monopod

Image Credit: iFootage

Height adjustment is super quick. The base is also able to be removed with ease for packing it up and traveling with it.

It’ll hold a decent amount of weight as they have a mirrorless camera with a lens, microphone, and a couple of arms with accessories mounted on it.

Having a monopod as an option in your kit is looking like something everyone should have.

What do you think about the iFootage A200?

[source: ProAV TV]

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