RØDE Offers Unify Audio Software for $1 Black Friday Special

Live streaming of so-called “Let’s Play” gaming videos is so popular, that many content creators are making a nice ancillary living. Moreover, while that popularity grows, so does the demand for greater production value and that means better lighting and chiefly, better audio.

To that end, RØDE is offering their UNIFY Audio mixing software for a special Black Friday price of $1 (AUD) annual subscription, giving content creators support for routing up to four microphones and six virtual audio devices into an easy-to-use, software-driven audio mixer.

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Normally sold as a subscription for $70 a year (AUD) the UNIFY software is an even better value here in the States, where the exchange rate makes the cost .67¢ USD.

“Unify is a huge step forward for streaming and gaming audio technology,” adds Senior Product Manager Chris Beech.

“Throughout development, we spent countless hours researching exactly what streamers and gamers need from audio software and worked tirelessly to implement every feature while ensuring it is as simple to use as possible.

From professional streamers with complex technical requirements to casual gamers who want to take their audio to the next level, Unify is the perfect solution.”

Image Credit – RØDE

UNIFY gives users control over streaming and gaming audio, enabling them to create independent mixes for gaming, chat, and music, as well as dividing audio into what you hear as a content creator, and what you want the audience or even your teammates to hear.

UNIFY also offers advanced signal processing and sound effects to alter your voice, and provides multitrack audio recording.

Creators can also monitor all audio sound sources in full definition, with no signal loss, and mix up to four different microphones. This means that the software can also be of benefit for use as a podcast production interface as well.

UNIFY uses advanced APHEX processing with tools such as Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™, for removing background noise and creating detailed and “punchy” smooth sound thru compressor, noise gate, and high-pass filters.

Image Credit – RØDE

Using the software with an RØDE branded microphone makes the software even more powerful thanks to a DSP chip inside of the mic’s design which shoulders more of the processing burden from the computer.

The software was chiefly designed for the RØDE X line of gaming-centric microphones and comes free with the purchase of the X model. This includes the RØDE XDM-100, and RØXCM-50 USB-C microphones.

The X line of microphones offers 24-bit/96 kHz analog-digital conversion​ ​ensuring pristine audio quality. However, any RØDE model offers the same DSP chip support.

Moreover, that doesn’t mean that users have to invest in an RØDE mic to get the benefit of UNIFY’s powerful quiver of audio processing tools. Far from it, but using an RØDE mic unlock advanced audio processing and therefore, even more options.

UNIFY is easy to set up and use, even with the most complex streaming configurations, giving users the ability to go live within seconds of setup. Users can also record each track independently for further sweetening and audio processing after the live broadcast.

Image Credit – RØDE

The RØDE UNIFY software, however, is Windows PC-centric, so Windows 10 or above is required. To take advantage of the RØDE UNIFY $1 annual subscription Black Friday Special, head on over to RØDE’s website to create an account and purchase.

The RØDE UNIFY Black Friday special will be available until Wednesday, November 30th, at 10 am Australian time (UTC+11).

[source: RØDE]

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