Sony A7C2 Rumored to Take Vlogging to the Next Level

Sony Alpha Rumors speculates that a next-generation Sony A7C II full-frame mirrorless camera is on the way in 2023. With improved 10-bit 4k video and improved autofocus as part of its specs, the A7CII could be an ideal “b” camera for the A7IV.

The rumor is based on a leak by a Sony insider who tells SAR that Sony is getting ready to make a new electronic viewfinder for a new A7C design, but has yet to commit to increasing production of the OG A7C itself.

Render of A7CII
Image Credit – SONY

“We can expect A7C II next year,” SAR states. “… they scheduled increased production ONLY for EVF from A7C mk1 for this year.”

Image Credit – SONY

The leak also states that Sony is planning the A7C II to have many of the same components from the A7IV for “another camera” and will include the same image sensor and improved five-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS).

The A7IV’s 33 MP full-frame backside illuminated CMOS sensor would be capable of capturing 10-bit 4K video in 4:2:2 at up to 60 frames per second, which would be a huge improvement for a long overdue second-generation A7C.

Considering that the original Sony A7C was called a “cinematic beast” that is the lightest and most affordable full-frame camera to hit the market, adding additional features based on the A7IV could not only boost its performance capabilities but could also add some overall weight and size, which could concern the Youtube crowd, and those who like the A7C’s cinematic punch for travel style videos.

Then again,  content creators are used to vlogging with larger cameras in order to get that additional cinematic boost, so it may be something that Sony is counting on.

Moreover, the Sony A9 II was announced in 2018, making it due for an upgrade as well. Sony also has to consider that both Canon and Nikon are now in the game with competitive designs that are supported by the RF and Z mount lenses respectively.

One way to avoid resting on laurels is to provide a new design that can perform at the level of a full-frame mirrorless platform while offering a more compact footprint of a smaller, APS-C camera.

However, is a full-frame vlogging camera going to be announced before a host of APS-C Sony mirrorless cameras that are even older and due for an upgrade?

It would be a solid addition to a quiver that already has a mainstream A camera with which to complement it, especially if the part of the rumor which states an optional electronic viewfinder will round out the camera.

But if the A9II steals the limelight at first, that doesn’t mean an A7C II isn’t in the cards. It just means that Sony’s roadmap is stopping at that waypoint first before continuing on. 2023 has only just begun and there’s plenty of time for these and many other cameras to hit the market and change the landscape.

But wouldn’t it be sweet if the A7C II could keep pace with the A7IV and give shooters a great secondary camera option for behind-the-scenes and vlogging options? Stay tuned.

[source: Sony Alpha Rumors]

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