3 Best Freelance Video Editing Jobs in 2023

If you are looking to turn filmmaking and video editing into a career you’ll need to start finding clients and jobs to give you a consistent income. Doing video production and editing is a very feasible way of accomplishing this goal.

You’ll need to find the clients, but luckily there are a few types of people and businesses you can try to find and most of this work can be done at home.

For a breakdown of three of the best freelance video editing gigs you can find in 2023 we can look to Jack Cole who did this full-time for a bit and still does it as a part of his overall work.

1. Micro Content

Over the past couple years we have seen one particular area blow up: micro content. Now, this refers to how brands and creators are now pushing out more and more content to things like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

All of this is usually very short form and a lot even pulls from existing long-form content.

The constant demand for this type of content and a push from the media platforms for it (Google just monetized Shorts) means that you can likely find someone with a need.

You can start by looking on platforms such as Upwork. Cold emailing and DMing on the platforms themselves can also be a good way to find work.

You’ll want to build up a portfolio of this type of content before you start reaching out. Finding some video you can “steal” (maybe from the brand) to create sample content on a private portfolio where you added subtitles or formatting to make it work should do the trick.

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2. YouTube (Social Media) Video Editing

There are tons of people with newer channels that are rapidly growing or even just people who aren’t filmmakers who are starting to make basic videos and want an upgrade.

There are a lot of options on YouTube now as it remains the largest video platform on the web. Creators are putting out their normal content alongside full podcasts and then cut up versions for Shorts.

YouTube clients may be ideal because they usually have to maintain a consistent stream of content. Picking up a few consistent clients can help you pay the bills as if you have a few relationships here it can serve as your core income.

The longer you do it the better since you’ll become familiar with their style and be very reliable for them as well.

Since Jack has had great luck with this avenue he is actually launching an agency called Tube Talent that will help connect YouTubers with freelancers to help them handle their workload.

Of course, you can also use Upwork and cold email or DM to find more clients. Again, make sure you have a sample to show off.

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3. Agency Video Editor

The last couple of options will rely on finding your own clients and managing that relationship. Another way to do it is to work for an agency. Agencies are responsible for finding clients and maintaining the relationship.

This takes a lot off your shoulders, but you are giving up a part of the pie to the agency.

This is usually a fair tradeoff, assuming the agency is doing work for you. If they are finding you plenty of work and it is a positive relationship usually giving up that cut is a mutually beneficial agreement.

Those are three good ways to start making money and you can do them all at home. Have any of these worked for you?

[source: Jack Cole]

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