Canon EOS R5C Becomes Netflix Approved

With a new firmware update, Canon has made the necessary adjustments to the 8K R5C full-frame mirrorless camera to pass muster and be added to the coveted Netflix Approved list.

Version improves the image quality of Canon Log 3 when shooting in XF-AVC or MP4 formats, thereby making the platform the eighth Canon Camera to get Netflix’s seal of approval and expand just how much of a project can be shot on the mirrorless platform.

“Version firmware elevates the overall image quality and camera operability for content captured by filmmakers and creators using the EOS R5C …” states Canon’s firmware upload notes. “… (and) strengthens Canon’s commitment to the filmmaking and content creation market.”

About six months ago, the Canon R5C failed the Netflix Approval test regimen, and many believed it was due to the camera lacking support for the C-Log 2 codec which Netflix tends to like for its higher dynamic range. The company initially stated that it had no plans to add the Raw codec to the camera’s firmware. Even up until this new development, the company had remained steadfast in that commitment.

However, by improving the image quality of Canon Log 3, the company has improved the overall image quality of the Raw codec to reach the bar that Netflix has set for dynamic range and image quality, and therefore, the camera has been added to the approved list.

The R5C joins seven other Canon camera platforms which can be used for Netflix production. The other cameras include the Canon C500 M. II and the Canon C300 Mk. II and Mk. III, the Canon C70, the Canon C700 FF, the Canon C700, and the Canon C500.

Image Credit: Canon

What’s interesting, however, is that even though the R5C is an 8K cinema camera, it is only listed as Netflix-approved for shooting at 4K compressed image resolutions. This may be because the firmware update only applies to improvements when shooting in XF-AVC, which is the only format listed.

Moreover, there is no word if the Canon R5 will be able to be added based on this firmware update. It seems for now that the update is only aimed at improving the R5C to garner acceptance for the streamer’s list of production cameras.

However, the lack of an official Netflix approval only means that users will have to limit the amount of footage on a project to 10 percent of the overall production. So, even then, R5 users can still play a secondary part.

Version can be downloaded from the Canon Support website under software and drivers. The company recommends using an SD memory card that is 512MB in capacity, plus setting the camera to Video mode while performing the firmware update. A fully charged battery is also a good idea to guard against a dying battery in the middle of installation.

Users are also encouraged to back up their existing menu settings from the camera since the update will completely reset the interface, including all settings.

This saved data can be loaded into the camera and the settings can be changed after the update has been completed. The camera manual has a procedure for this under “Saving and Loading Camera Settings.”

[source: Canon USA]

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