Crucial Releases Pro Level SSDs with Blazing Speeds

Crucial’s latest X9 Pro and X10 Pro SSD hard drives are built for speed and are designed with content creators and photographers in mind.

The drives are available in capacities of up to 4 TB and utilize USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 protocol.

Moreover, they are completely backward compatible with the Gen 2 and Gen 1 USB 3 standards. Let’s take a look.

Image Credit – Crucial

“We designed and built our two new portable SSDs, the Crucial X9 Pro and the Crucial X10 Pro, to specifically address these demanding workloads,” said the Crucial statement.

“With more photos and videos being taken than ever before, consumers are looking for ways to save, preserve and protect their digital lives reliably and quickly.”

Image Credit – Crucial

Though designed to be used with lower-resolution video content, the Crucial X9 Pro is no slouch in the speed department.

With read/write speeds of 1,050 MB/s for both reading and writing and data transfer rates of around 500 MB/s, the X9 Pro will work effectively with transferring 4K and 6K video streams to older computer platforms.

Image Credit – Crucial

The higher-end Crucial X10 Pro, however, is the fastest of the two.

With transfer rates of 2000 MB/s write and 2100 MB/s for reading and transferring data, the drive offers transfer rates of up to 20 Gb per second, or about 2.5 GB/s sustained speeds, making it at the highest end of the USB 3.2 design spec.

Those speeds will enable the X10 to handle higher performing bandwidth of video that has been captured at 8K and above, and then transfer it with ease.

Image Credit – Crucial

Both drives are extremely compact at 65mm x 50mm x 10mm, are made with an anodized aluminum shell with rubber coating, and are rated at IP55 to guard against dust and moisture.

The all-weather design means that the drives can withstand exposure from what Crucial describes as “low-pressure water jets from any direction.”

That translates to being able to withstand use in a heavy rainstorm.

Image Credit – Crucial

The drives are also compatible with a variety of operating systems including macOS, Windows, Linux, iPadOS and Android.

Pricing and availability

Both drives are available soon, with the X9 Pro sporting a retail price of $89.99 for 1 TB, $159.99 for 2 TB, and $289.99 for 4 TB.

Its faster cousin, the X10 Pro, retails for $129.99 for 1 TB, $209.99 for 2 TB, and $339.99 for 4 TB.

Users can, however, get up to $50 off during Crucial’s summer sale which runs through the end of July.

[source: Crucial]

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  • Crucial 2 TB X10 Pro USB 3.2 Gen 2 Portable SSD (B&H)
  • Crucial 4 TB X10 Pro USB 3.2 Gen 2 Portable SSD (B&H)
  • Crucial 1 TB X9 Pro USB 3.2 Gen 2 Portable SSD (B&H)
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  • Crucial 4 TB X9 Pro USB 3.2 Gen 2 Portable SSD (B&H)

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