Tilta’s New Bubble Levels Keeps Your Camera on the Straight and Level

It’s quite ironic that a company that sells camera accessories called “Tilta” has created a tool to keep a camera level. However, the Tilta Tiny Bubble Levels are now a must-have for any camera operator.

They come with 1/4-20 screws and can be attached to a camera cage or any other part of a camera rig to give the shooter an easy way to check the camera’s level.

There are two types of Tiny Bubble Levels: the Tilta Universal Bubble Level and the Tilta Rotatable Bubble Level. The Universal Bubble Level has a circular design with a circle in the center.

When the bubble lines up with the center, the camera is parallel on both tilt and roll axes. The Rotatable Bubble Level has a traditional linear design, which gives the user a straight and level horizon.

It also has a locking knob and locator pin that can be turned to ensure that the single horizontal axis is level on all sides. Once the level is set, it can be locked down to prevent it from moving.

This allows the camera operator to move the camera up and down on a tripod without affecting the level.

Image Credit – Tilta

Both the Universal Bubble Level and the Rotatable Bubble Level are CNC machine-made from high-grade aluminum, and come knurled so that they can be installed without tools.

The levels themselves are made of clear plastic, which is standard for these types of tools.

Image Credit – Tilta

Although this accessory may not be the most glamorous, it is very functional.

The Tiny Bubble Levels are small and compact, so both can be installed to monitor all of the camera’s vital axes while providing peace of mind when shooting on location.

Pricing and availability

The best part is the price. The Universal Bubble Level costs only $6, while the Rotatable Bubble Level is $12.00.

So, for under $20, users can have the peace of mind of knowing that their camera rig is always level with the horizon and the camera sensor. This will pay off in post-production.

Both Bubble Levels are available directly from Tilta’s website, with the Rotatable Level also available through Amazon.com. See the links below.

[source: DIYP]

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  • Tilta Rotatable Bubble Level – Black (Amazon)

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