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Sigma fp Closer Look and Sample Footage

It’s strange how the announcement by Sigma of one of the smallest cinema cameras in the world did not get the buzz it deserved and instead was so quickly submerged by the flood of new cameras we’ve seen in the last few months. Indeed, it’s a shame

Editing 8K RAW Video in Real Time on a Laptop?

It has been roughly a year since the announcement of NVIDIA Turing, the architecture at the heart of the Nvidia RTX 2000 series. Following the steps of Pascal, the previous architecture also known as the GTX 1000 series, the RTX has crushed competition delivering some amazing performance

10 Essential Sony A7III Accessories in 2019

While the A7R IV is quietly hitting the shelves and many filmmakers are having their first encounter with the recently announced beast, many others frankly still enjoy shooting with the older sibling, the Sony A7 III. This camera, that was the second iteration (but wee hope not

Canon C200 vs BMPCC 6K Side-by-Side Comparison

A nice and beefy lineup of cameras seems to populate the horizon while myriads of filmmakers and DOPs approaching productions are having now more options than ever, at least in the indie scene. Despite the fact that most blockbusters and big productions are still being shot on