Podcast Episode 015 – Canon 7D Mark II Letdown, 6.5K ARRI Alexa 65, Panasonic LX100 4K Compact, Lumix CM1 4K Camera-phone & More

Podcast 015 – Canon 7D Mark II Letdown, Sony F5 4K Official Update, 6.5K ARRI Alexa 65, Panasonic LX100 4K Compact, Lumix CM1 4K Camera-phone & More

Posted by Ogy Stoilov September 22, 2014

In Episode 015 of the 4K Shooters Podcast, we discuss the latest IBC/Photokina/Cinec announcements by Sony, the new Canon 7D Mark II, the new Samsung NX1 4K camera, the 6.5K Alexa 65, and a 4K Camera-phone from Panasonic

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  • Trent

    Ok, enough with the 4K being absent in the 7D Mark II. At least I understand now a little more because you are waxing nostalgic about your original 7D. However, Canon positioned it as a still camera because in my experience, if you are serious about video, you get a 5D. A 7D may have been a starting point for some making the transition from stills to video, but it’s not a video camera.
    About comparing to an A7s, I shoot 4K nearly every day for a living, I won’t touch an A7s for commercial work. It’s neat, sure. But the moire is inexcusable in action scenarios where the camera actually moves. Phillip Bloom loves this thing because it fits his style of shooting so it gets a lot of press, but if Canon came out with this today, I’d swear them off for bringing out such a half-baked product. No 4K internal really limits you to studio environment, not run-n-gun like so many videographers are nowadays. Can we move on now?

    • Ogy Stoilov

      I got a chance to play around for a bit with a production model of the 7D Mark II. Still not impressed with the fact that it is still a 1080p stills camera. Above all, a solid stills camera for action photographers. Not my cup of tea for video. For me the problem is not that it lacks 4K now, but that this model will still be here in 1, 2, and probably 3 years time and still shoot 1080p. There was moire in the video I shot today. I just couldn’t keep it or post it. For people who shoot mostly stills and occasionally video, the 7D Mark II might be an OK camera. But for anyone who shoots DSLR video for a living, it’s a tough sell. For me 1080p is no longer acceptable as an acquisition format. I want to have 4K as an option, regardless of the fact that I will deliver in HD. I want to reposition and I want less/no moire/aliasing, which the 7D Mark II still exhibits.