Operate Your Sony a7S Using the Remote Smart Control App

The advantage of the latest mirrorless cameras isn’t only that they are comparatively lighter and more compact in size but can also shoot equally well in both high-resolution video and stills without bulky prism and mirror mechanisms inside compared to older DSLRs. One of the other great features is that you can control them remotely with a push of a button or two using the provided built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and a smart device. Many still underestimate the power that your mirrorless camera provides in terms of remote operating without the necessity to use any wires.

You can always get a separate control monitor attached to the top of your camera, however if you want to control your video feed from a distance, inevitably you are going to need some type of wireless solution for the job.

In the following video, Gary Fong showcases how to control the Sony a7S using the built-in Wi-Fi functionality in conjunction with an app that you can download for free for your Android or iOS device.

First and foremost, you need to download and install the free Play Memories app suitable for your mobile device. The application allows you to stream a live feed from your camera to your mobile device while you remain remote from the camera. You can check if you mobile device has been verified to work with the app in the following list.

In order to take advantage of the Smart Remote Control application in your Sony a7S, you’ll first need to set up an account at Sthe Sony Entertainment Network website www.sony.net/pmca. To access the Wi-Fi functionality of your Alpha 7s camera enter the MENU, navigate to the Application Tab and then select the Application list. Then, Choose the Smart Remote Control app.

The application will set up a Wi-Fi connection for your smart device giving you the name of the Wi-Fi Network, a Device Name and password that you are going to need to connect your mobile device to the camera.


After the installation of the Play Memories Application is completed on your mobile device, go to the Wi-Fi settings then select the device shown on the camera menu and enter the given password. As soon as you see a spinning “Connecting” icon on your A7s display open the PlayMemories app on your smart phone or tablet.

After the connection is established you should be able to see the video feed of your Sony a7S on your smart device in real-time.


Furthermore, if you want to control remotely the video settings of your a7S make sure that the mode dial is set to movie recording first. By selecting this mode, you will be able to control most of the video settings of the camera such as Start/Stop recording, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and more. You can even zoom in and out in order to get everything in focus before you start recording which is another great feature to have.

Utilising the Wi-Fi capabilities of your camera is not the perfect monitoring solution. However, you will be able to control the process remotely to a certain extent having another option to set your camera settings and monitor its video feed in real-time, thus expanding your creative decisions in variaty of shooting situations.

[via: Wolf Crow, source: Gary Fong]

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  • Ariel Levesque

    Unfortunately, the smart remote app doesn’t allow to shoot with the slog profile, which renders it much less interesting…

  • N M

    Can I change focus point while recording video?

  • Rumble Strips

    You can control zoom in and out? Does this work while recording video actively?

  • Tommy

    Is there anyway around this, desperate to shoot S log from the remote setting. Makes no sense that you can’t……..

  • villagerboyz89

    Hi.. any one know is there any mirror link to get smart remote apps? I found error “You don’t have permission to access……..” while accessing the official link

  • Kevin Riley

    This app appears to make A7s revert to 1080i so cannot work with shogun attached if you want to record 4k

  • Mohammed Qais

    Any one know how can I use Sony a7s remote control video shooting via cable coz of the WiFi connection very slow & mostly time disconnected,any solution via cable,I’m using camera on crane,thanks

  • Parlo Cablo

    Hi !
    Does anybody know if Sony plans to extend the coverage of the Playmemories store?
    I work out of Central America, and I would like to be able to get the most out of my camera too.

    As of today wed. oct 12 there is no coverage in most of Latinamerica.
    Is there a way around this?

  • Brendan Hayes

    I’m losing my connection randomly during shooting. Has anyone experienced this, and is there a way around?